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5 Things You Need To Do Daily To Get Noticed By Your Boss
August 19, 2013
In a massive, bustling office, it can be difficult to get noticed by the boss. Doing so can make the difference between a better paying position, or losing out on a handsome raise. You can use some simple tips to radiate the skill and confidence needed to impress your boss.

Contracts You Need To Have New Employees Sign To Protect Yourself
August 15, 2013
New employees bring new experience, skills and valuable assets to a company. However, sometimes things just don't work out. Whether the new hires find that they don't like the work or fail to complete their assignments, you might find yourself with a tough HR situation. In some cases, employees might sue the company for a variety of reasons, or worse, they might take valuable clients and contacts away from the company and branch out on their own. If you want to avoid these HR nightmares, there are certain contracts that you need every new hire to sign. Doing so could help protect your business against unnecessary legal battles.

How To Help Your Employees That Are Struggling Without Embarrassing Them
August 13, 2013
It is important to ensure that your employees are always at the top of their jobs, no matter how difficult that may be for them. At times your employees may need a little extra help, but it is vital to give them this help in a non-intrusive manner. The last thing an employee needs is to be publicly scolded or embarrassed in front of the entire work force. Instead, you will want to rely on more subtle techniques to ensure that their lagging performance levels pick up. This is where Business Intelligence is such a crucial help. Using BI you will be able to get your employees up to the standard of work you expect.

Reward Systems That You Can Build With Your Employees
August 08, 2013
It’s about 3pm and you look around in your office and everyone just has a “burnt out” look, and production starts going down. It’s perfectly normal to see the office dragging a bit during certain hours of the day or later in the week. That’s why so many companies do incentives or have commission based programs to keep their employees working hard all day every day. Many companies have monthly goals for their employees to work towards with some kind of incentive like extra money or a gift card to a place.

Six Tips For Gaining New Customers For The Business Start Ups
August 07, 2013
Any honest entrepreneur will tell you that the hardest part of running a start up business is getting a customer base and offering a product that everyone wants. Luckily, as technology continues to advance, there are more ways now than ever to get customers not only to buy your product but also to become familiar with what it is that you're offering. Here are some tips on how to use business intelligence (or BI) software to help gain new customers for business startups.



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