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How to make yourself recession-proof
January 28, 2009
Job security is uppermost in many people's minds right now. How do you make sure your job is secure?

How To Select Your Boss
February 12, 2007
Did you ever find out after starting in a new role that your boss was not all that you thought he or she might be? Often we neglect the fact that it is a two way street – they select us and we select them. This article provides some sound “boss selection strategies”.

Coaching; How To Help People Take Commitment For Their Development
January 24, 2007
Is there an alternative to telling someone what they should do or know? This article shows how a proven coaching method is implemented.

Where Have All The Honest Managers Gone?
January 22, 2007
Is honesty missing from management today? Does honesty have any impact on morale, productivity, employee turnover? Find out the latest research results and how a manager can apply these results on a day to day basis.

Are You Positive or Negative?
December 12, 2006
Ever wondred why some people seem to be so much more positive than others? Or perhaps, why when you are trying to get someone to do something for you, it has the opposite effect? In this article, Bob Selden suggests it may hsve something to do with your “locus of control”.

Five Of The Worst Mistakes Managers Can Make And How To Avoid Them
November 09, 2006
For managers, this article shows how to apply some basic management principles to the day to day management of people to avoid them remembering you as one of their “horror” stories.

Firing Someone
November 02, 2006
Ever had to fire someone? How did it go? Chances are, that if you are a manager you will have to fire someone during your career. Bob Selden sets out some points that will help you through the process whilst maintaining the self esteem of the employee.

Are Happy Employees Motivated Employees?
October 24, 2006
As managers, do we consciously try to provide this same level of motivation for all of our employees? Or, are we merely fixated on striving to achieve the deadlines, budgets and targets that are set for us and forgetting what it was really like when we worked in an environment that was truly “motivational”.

How To Select The Right Person For The Job
October 16, 2006
One of the most difficult tasks of management is to find the right person for the job. Bob Selden suggests some proven methods for improving your hit rate.

Is There A Better Way To Give Bad News?
October 09, 2006
As managers, we all have to give feedback from time to time that we consider to be “bad news” for the employee.



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