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Why Aren't You Earning More?
September 04, 2007
Nearly 50% of independent professionals don't earn enough to meet their expenses. If you are one of these struggling professionals, are you ready to break out of under earning? You may need to do more, learn more, or charge more, and it may not be easy.

Publish or Perish
August 07, 2007
The axiom "publish or perish" doesn't just apply in the academic world. For independent professionals, publishing articles, white papers, and how-to manuals accelerates your ability to gain clients. Here are some guidelines to help you get started or expand your publishing efforts.

10 Ways to Get Your Marketing Unstuck
July 02, 2007
Marketing yourself can be a confronting process, bringing up fear of rejection, commentary from your inner critic, feelings of incompetence, and other discomforts. If you let them, these inner saboteurs can stop you dead in your tracks. Here are ten ways to quickly break through internal barriers and get your marketing unstuck

An Action Step Is Worth A Thousand Words
May 29, 2007
Finding the right words to market your business is important, but don't mistake your wordsmithing for productive action. Crafting a good marketing message and delivering it effectively are not at all the same thing.

Getting Noticed on the Net
May 04, 2007
There's a lot of talk from Internet marketing gurus about how to drive more traffic to your website.

Seven Easy Steps to Follow Up by Phone
April 10, 2007
These tips suggest that you hold your focus on being of service to the other person. That mental shift may be the most important thing you can do to make follow-up calls easier. If your intention is to help people instead of to sell to them, not only will you find it easier to call, the people you talk to will find it easier to buy.

Marketing along the Path of Least Resistance
March 01, 2007
Tips on effortless marketing.

A Pocket Full of Business Cards
January 30, 2007
This article is about keeping track of your prospective clients and referral sources as key to an effective and successful marketing strategy.

Wanted: 100 Referral Partners
January 05, 2007
The best way for any self-employed professional to get clients is by referral. But the process of building sufficient word of mouth to produce the number of clients you need can seem daunting. How to increase the size of your circle to include more people?

To Make More Sales, Try Making More Friends
November 24, 2006
If you want to win people over to your way of thinking, they need to like you. And the way to get them to do that is to take an interest in them.

From Prospect to Client in Thirty Seconds
November 17, 2006
The process of converting a prospect to a client can seem like it takes forever.The fastest way to turn a prospect into a client may be simply to change how you think about them.

Selling to the Bottom Line
October 06, 2006
Have you ever wondered why people don't respond to your sales attempts & marketing messages, here's the first place to look--are you selling something that people are willing to spend money on?

What You are Marketing is Yourself
June 28, 2006
Marketing a service business is not the same as marketing a product. The strongest asset you have in marketing your business is actually yourself. Allowing your customers to get to know you will build their trust. You deserve to be the star of your own promotional materials.

What's Your Business Model?
June 05, 2006
Your business model is your plan for how you will generate sufficient revenue to meet your expenses and earn a profit. Unfortunately, many independent professionals don't actually have a profit-making plan. The real solution may be to choose a new business model.

To Attract Attention, You Have to Show Off
May 16, 2006
Well-known people became well-known because they showcased themselves. They shared stories and ideas about the work they had been doing... There are a host of very dignified and appropriate ways to let a wider audience know how good you are without ever saying so...



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