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Who's In Charge of Your Meeting?
August 28, 2007
As the facilitator, leader or organizer of the meeting you are ultimately responsible for everything that does & doesn't happen in your meeting. Here are 7 things to do before you hold your next meeting.

Orchestrating Your Leadership
July 10, 2007
Are you a leader in training? Orchestrating your leadership can help to hone your leadership skills. Here’s how.

Improve Customer Rapport with Improv!
June 27, 2007
Looking for ways to improve rapport with customers, clients & prospects…cast your gaze to improv — improvisational behavior. Here’s how to Impress…through improv!

Where Sales Meets Service
February 21, 2007
The reality of business is that customers want to be sold. They love to buy for their own reasons and not manipulatively bombarded with sales pitches. Are you making the most of your suggestive selling?

Stellar Service Requires A "Bias to Action"
October 17, 2006
There are two types of people in world: Those who make it happen (demonstrating this bias to action) & those who let things happen to them. Peak performers & high achievers have a bias to action.



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