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10 Ways to Stop Attracting New Clients & Kill Your Small Business in a Recession
April 02, 2009
Your clients are the most valuable asset you have. By using attentive, relationship-building marketing strategies like distributing a print newsletter, create a bond that will allow you to weather any type of economic environment.

Get More Referrals
February 19, 2009
Your existing customers are your best sales people. They will continue to call you and REFER you if they are reminded to do so. A monthly client newsletter is a friendly reminder in an interesting and non-intrusive way

7 Newsletter Writing Secrets That Will Retain More Clients for Life
November 17, 2008
Understand the elements of a successful newsletter to Capture and keep customers that would love to spend their money with you forever.

Marketing with Newsletters: Is Your Client Newsletter Boring Your Customers to Death?
September 23, 2008
Newsletter marketing - check out the four rules - build relationship with your customers and create a sense of reliability and professionalism



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