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Social Media Marketing: The Evolution Of SEO
March 26, 2008
Using social media marketing is a great way to promote your business, especially if you incorporate Google Gadgets into the act! Google gadgets are little pieces of code that can be downloaded from Google for free. You can use these gadgets as your signature when you post onto forums and blog pages and direct interested people to your website for free!

How To Set Up And Use Local Google Search
March 13, 2008
Did you know that you can use Local Google Search to promote your own business? Whether you have a store, restaurant or even at home business, you can list your information in Local Google Search for free and your listing will come up in the search engines. This is easy and can provide you with customers from all over the world. Whether you deal with international customers or even if you have a local pizza parlor, you can get more customers by promoting your business using local Google search and search engine optimized articles.



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