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Salary Negotiations with Employees Don't Need to Be Difficult
November 11, 2015
Whether you are an employee or a small business employer, there will come a time when you have to have some salary negotiations.

Your Company's Website Can Mean All the Difference
September 16, 2015
A home inspection business is a smart endeavor these days. The economy is up, the housing market is strong again, and with all the buying and selling, people need these homes inspected.

Are You Overusing the Text Option?
August 31, 2015
Text message marketing is becoming a more and more popular way for small businesses to reach out to customers and clients.

The Beauty of Starting a New Business
August 06, 2015
Maybe you've dreamed of owning your own small business and you've finally determined that massage therapy can be for you, or maybe you've always known you'd be a great massage therapist - either way, you've decided now is the time to start that business. Congratulations!

Losing Customers is No Small Matter
August 04, 2015
When you run a small business, you have a lot of responsibility. Not only do you have to find and earn your customers, you have to keep them.

Small Businesses Should Know the Value of a Retweet
July 14, 2015
Probably every small business owner knows that social media is a great marketing tool.

Is Your Brand Getting Full Attention?
June 02, 2015
Just because your small business is small doesn't mean you don't have to work hard at reinforcing your brand. If anything, it means you may need to work harder at it.

Is it Time to Buy a Franchise?
May 14, 2015
If you've been thinking about getting into business for yourself, you've probably thought about buying a franchise. Maybe it was a fleeting thought, or one that you're seriously considering.

Make It Your Business Not to Forget Your Internal Customers
May 13, 2015
When someone owns a small business; a lot of time and thought needs to go into the customers. But that means both customers, external and internal.

Google Chrome Extensions Mean Business
April 21, 2015
There are lots of benefits to incorporating these, and it can make a big difference in lots of ways by offering extra information regarding your business on ads to making you and your employees more efficient.

Get Social Media Right from the Start
March 23, 2015
Getting your social media going is an integral part of owning your small business. Without it, you can miss a lot of opportunity, and it is also a fabulous marketing tool. The tough thing though is getting it right, especially the first time around.

Don't Take Small Business Security for Granted
February 09, 2015
There comes a time when you need to protect your small business and your home with a security system. As a small business owner, you've probably got a lot to lose in the case of a break in, and it's smart to cover your assets. A security system can help you do that.

Getting Your Employees the Right Coverage
August 18, 2014
When you are a small business owner, you have responsibility.One of the big decisions you have to make is whether or not to provide health insurance to your employees.

Should I Hire Someone with an Online Degree?
August 15, 2014
Small business owners are always weighing pros and cons, and in the case of hiring, it's no different. One of the big questions for employers these days is that regarding online degrees. With so many colleges, traditional and online only, offering online degrees, it is something to consider.

Is Your Small Business Only Hiring College Grads?
June 13, 2014
As a small business owner, you've got big decisions every day to make.Some of those will inevitably center on hiring the best candidate for you and your business. One big thing to consider when hiring is a college degree. Is it a must for you or can you take on someone without a degree?

Nothing Small about These Small Businesses
May 22, 2014
Small businesses come and go; the business world has trends just like the fashion industry and sometimes what you think will be the next big thing turns into the next big flop.

Are Consumers Truly Contacting You?
May 19, 2014
You are a small business using a website to gather business.What happens when your customers to be try to contact you and your site can't get them to the contact information? Or worse, you don't even have an identifiable contact us section.

Don’t Lose Sales Over Bad Phone Etiquette
February 03, 2014
Customer service is no less important today than it was decades ago, despite the ease in which we can skip over actual human interaction via technology.

Is Your Small Business Ripe for Sexual Harassment?
January 27, 2014
Sexual harassment is a serious matter and can occur anywhere, from schools and universities to corporations and small businesses.

Be Business Savvy on Black Friday
November 22, 2013
Black Friday isn't just a major shopping day for the big names. The little guys can jump into this day, too, gaining that extra holiday business from the biggest shopping day of them all.

Keep Those Illnesses Out of Your Office
October 29, 2013
Cold and flu season is coming ... that nice, warm heated air inside is the perfect breeding ground for germs. More people stay inside due to cold weather outside, making it easier to share those germs.

5 Signs Your Small Business is Losing Customers
October 14, 2013
No one wants to admit it if their small business is losing customers, whether the signs are clear or not. But it's like a leaky roof, if caught early enough; you can repair the damage without too much loss. But if you wait till it gets too bad and glaringly apparent, you may have to take the whole roof off and replace it.

Why Does My Small Business Need LinkedIn?
October 10, 2013
Sure, we think about getting on LinkedIn when looking for a job, but what about promoting not just yourself, but your small business as well?

Is Our Small Business Investing in the Right Technology?
September 11, 2013
One of the challenges facing a small business owner is the decision of what technology to invest in. Every penny counts for most of us, and investing in the right things is an important aspect of budgeting as well as the success and management of the company.

Helping Your Employees With Their Futures
July 12, 2013
As an employer, part of your responsibility is helping your employees with their futures. What can you do to help them save for their futures? Remember, if you’re doing it right, it may be one of those things that attract top candidates and will draw them to you for the long haul.



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