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Your Website Is Not Safe And Secure If You Don’t Take These Steps
December 11, 2015
Depending on how your website was designed and the kinds of data you are working with, your website could be unsecure. It is your duty to ensure that all details shared with you by your customers are safe and secure at all times. You equally need to make sure that every part of your website is protected against nefarious activities; activities that could put you out of business.

Designing A Retail Environment That Sells
November 26, 2015
The success of any retail businesses is heavily dependent on creating a positive shopping experience for the customer. The customer journey, from entering the shop to leaving the car park, must be excellent. Your bottom line depends on the ability of your staff and your shop setting impressing your customer base. After all, every retailer is reliant on repeat customers and word of mouth advertising.

4 Essential Things to Consider when Choosing a Payment Processing Partner
October 20, 2015
Whether you are a business veteran with years of experience looking for a new provider or a new startup considering your strategy before launching, selecting an excellent and reliable payment processing partner (also called merchant services partner) should be extremely high up on your list of things to do.



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