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Making Attitude Adjustments - Improving Customer Service Behaviors Other than Replacing People
November 01, 2007
Not long ago, if a customer service employee fouled-up, he or she was warned, then if improvements didn't happen, was shown the door. In today's workplace however, where it's so difficult just maintaining staffing levels, dismissal doesn't really fix the problem - it just changes the problem.

Keeping Customers when Things Go Wrong - Five Keys to Turning Upset Customers into Fans
August 27, 2007
When it comes to dealing with dissatisfied customers, most business owners and managers believe that money back guarantees and/or exchange policies will fix the problem. Lousy strategy. Money back guarantees and exchanges may fix the problem, but they do nothing to fix the relationship. Policies don't fix relationships - people do...

Creating a Customer Feeding Frenzy - 4 tools that make you simply irresistible
May 08, 2007
I swore to myself that I would not buy anything as I walked into the carpet factory in Deli, India. The only reason I was entering at all was because I was part of a tour group and this was the last stop. By the time I left the factory however, our busload of worn-out tourists had been transformed.

Speed Kills - The service standard that does more harm than good
October 06, 2006
As a business owner or manager, you have probably heard management experts refer to the importance of service standards for frontline employees. The idea is that managers should give customer-contact people a performance goal or service standard by which they can be measured and rewarded.

When the Cat's Away - Getting better frontline decisions without you
September 26, 2006
As a manager, you may assume that the guidance you give to your employees while you’re on-site, will translate into them making better decisions when you’re away. Unfortunately, the reverse may be true...



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