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Top 5 Resources for Moms Looking to Start a Home Business
May 08, 2009
Women across the country are taking charge of their work and their families' livelihoods. From starting their own home businesses to telecommuting, millions of moms - many of whom are highly educated, experienced and motivated - are jumping back into the workforce while choosing to work at home. For those not sure where to begin, or how to find support, there are a variety of free resources that can help home-based working moms.

Secrets to a Successful Trade Show Booth. How to Create a Top Notch Booth
March 24, 2009
Research the shows you want to attend. Find out how many people attended previous shows. Select shows where the buyers of your product and service attend. Inquire with the event organizers to see if they will be making any changes to this year's format. Speak with previous attendees and exhibitors to find out their experiences.

Starting Your Home Business Without Going into Debt
March 23, 2009
One of the most common obstacles many home-business owners face is trying to start a new business on a limited budget. The first few years of a business are usually the hardest financially. Some women leave full-time careers and substantial salaries to start a new business. Other women start home businesses as stay-at-home moms wanting additional income to support their family as well as a professional outlet to balance their diaper-changing days.



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