Mary Ann Keeling

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Attracting the Right Investors with a Well-Organized Business
December 16, 2014
Making a smooth multi-million dollar exit has been a long time staple of the tech industry. The blockbuster formula seems to be to come up with a cool idea, to get that early round of VC money to set the bar, then to wait around for the big buyout when you can press the eject button and land comfortably on your private yacht which is docked at the island you’re about to buy.

4 Social Skills You Need To Master Before Starting Your Business
November 03, 2014
Leaders who excel at the social skills are great communicators. They can handle the bad news as well as the good news and they are experts at getting their team to support them. The four basic social skills you need to acquire, in order to become a successful businessperson, are: communication, giving praise, negotiation and conflict resolution.



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