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How to Prevent Fraud and Save Thousands In Affiliate Sales
February 04, 2009
Have you ever thought why some affiliate sales has a much greater refund or chargeback rate than others? It's simple: Because the fraud is involved. Read the article to find out how to protect you and your business from fraud and all the expenses related to affiliate scammers.

8 Vital Mistakes To Avoid In Affiliate Marketing Business
September 02, 2008
Affiliate marketing can be an extremely profitable business provided you know how to stay ahead in the competition. The key to success is to learn from the mistakes other marketers have made before you and never repeat them again. Here are the top 8 mistakes most affiliate marketers make:

Top 7 Tips to Attract Super Affiliates
August 28, 2008
Have you ever considered why some affiliate programs attract all affiliates, while others don't? Find out the top 8 ways on how to attract super affiliates to your affiliate program and skyrocket your online income tremendously.

Accepting Credit Cards Directly versus Paypal Only Option
August 21, 2008
Do you accept Paypal? You think it's enough for your business? Make sure you accept credit cards in order not to lose up to 60% of your customers. Read the article to find out more.

Top 10 Tips Why You Should Start Your Own Affiliate Program
June 25, 2008
Find out 10 reasons on why you should start your own affiliate program to increase your product sales dramatically.

Top 8 Reasons to Start Selling Downloadable Products Online
May 23, 2008
Many people consider running their online business and think about selling downloadable products - ebooks, software online. These are the 8 top reasons explaining on why you should start selling these types of products online and how you can start doing this.

Protect Your Affiliate Program from Affiliate-Scammers
May 22, 2008
Many online product sellers face a huge problem when they run their affiliate program. A huge number of affiliates make a lot of sales. But also a huge crowd of affiliates involves a lot of scammers. They make fraudulent sales and hurt your business reputation. Read the article to find out the best ways to protect yourself from affiliate scammers.

7 Ways to Identify Affiliate Program Scams
May 20, 2008
There are so many affiliate programs online that it's hard to choose. Many of them looks like just "too good to be true" and in most cases their affiliates never get paid. Read the article to find out the 7 top ways to identify an affiliate program scam.

Top 9 Tips to Market Your Affiliate Link to Make Money With Affiliate Programs
May 19, 2008
Many people want to make money online as affiliate marketers, but they just don't know what to do and how to start. These are 9 tips for you to start your affiliate marketing career successfully.

How to Track Affiliate Marketing Campaigns and Increase Your Affiliate Profits Exponentially
May 16, 2008
Many people run their advertising campaigns online and spends a lot of money on advertising. However, they don't know which advertising campaigns, websites or even pay per click keywords bring real visitors that actually buy an advertised product. But with the proper tracking you can easily find out all this information. Read the article to find out.

Setup Profitable Pay-Per-Click Campaigns by Tracking Each Keyword That Brings Sales
May 09, 2008
The importance of keywords serves as a technique in helping to improve the rankings of your traffic source which in this case it is Pay-Per-Click campaign. Keywords lead the traffic sources to your website.

Online Business by Listening to Customer Feedbacks
April 18, 2008
Many online business owners consider the customer's opinion as important, but does not take it much into account. This article provides you the most 3 top tips you should always rely on in order to build a successful online business.

5 Top Ways to Survive a Refunds Nightmare
April 10, 2008
As an online merchant, one of the things you should be wary of is celebrating after making a sale. You do not know it yet but one of your customers may be contemplating getting a chargeback or demanding a refund.

Top 3 Reasons to Start Your Future Internet Business
April 10, 2008
Are you thinking about starting your own business? The future business? Then you should definitely consider an Internet business, because this business has tremendous potential for the future. Read the article to find out the top 3 reasons why you should start your own ecommerce business today.

How To Start an Internet Business with ZERO Budget
March 13, 2008
Do you still think that in order to start a good online business you need to invest a lot of money? In some cases yes. But you can also easily start online business spending much of your budget. Read the article to find out how.

Multi-Payment Method: The Key to Increased Online Sales
March 12, 2008
Do you know that you can lose as much as 40% of potential customers if you don't offer multiple payment options for them to pay. Read the article to find out the best way to offer multiple payment options the most convenient way.

Accept Multicurrency Payments Online from International Customers Easily
March 07, 2008
One such advantage of operating an e-commerce website is the convenience of reaching a wider global market with a few clicks. As such, it is necessary for online merchants to have a payment system that can support different currencies to make purchasing easier for global clients.

Simple Way to Handle Different Merchants Accounts As Easily As Different Mailboxes
February 29, 2008
Many online marketers face huge problem with accepting multiple payment options. It�s not convenient to have a lot of payment buttons on your website to receive payments from your customers. However, there is a great solution that allows you to accept all major payment methods with by placing just one payment button. Read the article to find out�

How to Manage Refunds And All Merchant Accounts From One Central Place and Secure Your Online Busine
February 21, 2008
Unexpected merchant account "suspendation" might cost you thousands of dollars and hundreds of lost customers. Because of this problem, your business might easily lose credibility. However, there is a great solution to protect your online business from unexpected merchant account suspendations. Read the article to find out how�



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