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Stop pitching everybody and nobody and start selling to your target market

Biba Pedron

June 05, 2007

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I recently hosted my monthly event and noticed, once again, that one of the reasons why people don’t attract the right target at networking events is because they are so vague in describing their business or services that nobody can remember them.

As always, I welcome everybody who attends my event, and if they are there for the first time, ask them what they do, how I can help them and, more importantly, how I can connect them with the right contact. (Remember, people refer me as The Connection Queen for a reason).

Here are two specific examples of “NO-NO” in networking

First example - One attendee was recently laid off, and therefore looking for a new job. I guess this person wanted to use this opportunity to explore new areas of business, but when I asked her: “What kind of job are you looking for”, her answer was: “Oh, I can do everything. I speak four languages, and I am ready to try anything. Do you know who I could talk to?”

So I asked her to be more specific, because when she says “everything”, I don’t know what kind of job that is. I tried to get her specialty or area of expertise but always got the same answer: “No, I don’t really know what to do, I can just do everything”.

So how can anyone be able to help this person, or refer her to any of their contacts. If she doesn’t know what she is looking for, how can they know?

Second example - Then I spoke with a person from an insurance company. When I asked: “who is your target market”, her answer was: “everyone”. Once again I tried to get a more specific answer, but this person said: “I can work with everybody, individuals, professionals, corporations anyone who needs insurance.”

So how do I help her? I can’t think of each of the 3,000 people in my network, but if I had a specific target, that would have helped me. For example, I know a financial advisor who specializes in people in entertainment. Since he has a niche, each time I meet somebody in this area, I think about him and can refer his name.

I also get this answer, very often from women selling cosmetics: “I can sell to everyone who has skin and hair”. This is not a specific answer, it is too vague. So even if we (women) all need daily cream, anti-aging cream or make up, we will not become their clients just like that and just because they sell XYZ brand.

So did you notice that when you say to people that your target market is “everybody”, you usually leave without any referrals?

For me “everybody” means “nobody”, and that tells me a lot about the person in front of me, because people who try to sell to everybody are usually the same people who struggle in their business. This for one reason, and one reason only; you just can’t sell to everybody. When you know your niche or target market, it becomes much easier to communicate with your prospects and clients. Now you know how to approach them, you know their main problems and how to solve them. You know where to find them and can network in targeted organizations. You know where to advertise, because you know what they read and what their interests are. You know who they are and where to find them.

This doesn’t mean that if somebody out of your target market contacts you, you will answer: “No, sorry. You not part of my target market. I can’t work with you.” Of course you will take him or her as a client, but when you concentrate on your target market, you attract a lot of more clients in less time.

Instead of going to every event in the city, expecting that one person might be the right fit for you, join events related to your industry and your target market. Just fish where the fish are.

So if you want people to remember you and give you referrals, be clear and very specific about what you do. Make it easy for people to help you – in other words, help them to help you. Be clear on what you do and what you want, so others will be clear on what you need. Then watch the numbers of referrals you will get.

Still having trouble defining your target market and/or describing your services in 30 seconds or less? You’re definitely not the only one. The good news is that I’ve developed a 5 step program that will help you to define your niche, create an effective elevator pitch, redesign your business card so that you will be unique and memorable, and choose the best networking groups for your business, to turn more prospects into clients.

So, stop spending your time attending all events without any results. Do not attend another networking function without reading “Power of Networking Secrets”.

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© 2007 Biba F. Pédron


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