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Inflation Proof Savings – Part IV

More Hidden Financial Secrets of the Elite Wealthy, Rich and Famous - Part IV

Tom La Falce

July 03, 2007

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In this final chapter, let’s see what the true facts are? Prior to 1964 it was illegal to buy or sell gold here in the United States. So the elite wealthy, rich and famous were taking their U.S. Dollars abroad and acquiring precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) to safeguard their holding in tangible assets and to fight inflation and interest rates. So back in 1985 the US Government came up with a solution to end and stop the elite wealthy from these forms of transactions abroad which would also help keep the U.S. Dollars here in this country by starting a precious metal and coin program of their own.

This is where the creation of the Liberty Coin Act of 1985 came from. This coin act was planned to be and is a win-win situation for both the government and the citizens of the United States. First the government will help keep our U.S. Dollars here in the United States. Second it would help its citizens acquire, invest and/or save the safest way possible in precious metals and numismatic coins. And thirdly… back to the government… each coin sale profit that the US Mint makes would go towards our national deficit, to help fight inflation which is now pushing 9 Trillion Dollars and growing.

So in 1986 the US Mint first started minting the American Eagle BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) Gold, Silver and later on Platinum Numismatic (dated) Coins to sell to the public to help the every day hard working American People save the safest way possible. This alone is worth its weight in gold because this is one of the hidden financial secrets of the elite, rich and famous. This program has been a well kept hidden secret for the last 21 years.

According to the US Mint it states: “Deemed by the US Government, the American Eagle BU Coins are tangible assets, real money and legal tender.” These Dated Numismatic Coins, because of the bullion content from which they are made, maintain their purchasing power over and above the US Dollars (Federal Reserve Notes), and because they are dated could go up in time.

History has proven that the American Eagle Silver BU Coins have had, on average, a 300% gain over their 21 year history. For an example and as mentioned previously in chapter 2 (Part II), the 1986 American Eagle Silver BU Coin had an average retail price for around $5.00 per coin. In 2006 that same coin, kept in good mint condition, could be sold for up to $67.50. That is a 1,250% gain. However the 1996 American Eagle Silver BU Coin had an average retail price for around $7.00 per coin and in 2007 that same coin, kept in good mint condition, could be sold for up to $149.99. That is a 2,124% gain. Try to get these types of gains or returns on your investments, stocks and/or traditional savings plans, college or retirement funds?

So let’s recap some of the advantages in saving in Precious Metals with the American Eagle BU Coin Program:

Your savings is recession proof Guaranteed and Backed by Our US Government Your funds are backed and secured by tangible assets Instantly increases your net worth Yearly maintains and/or increases in purchasing power Stays ahead of the rate of inflation Has no potential for any loss of funds, whatsoever Not affected by mood swings of the stock market Continually reduces the National Debt

Increases in value tax-free Has no tax going in and no tax coming out Minimum 300% gain on your savings plan Has no penalty / tax for using funds before age 59 1/2 Has no mandatory distribution after age 70 You can borrow against your savings Your funds could be in your personal control Does not increase Nat’l debt, making your dollars worth less

In conclusion: Doesn’t it make sense to do what the Elite Wealthy, Rich and Famous do? Why not start protecting your dollars from inflation and interest rates by Saving Your Money the Safest Way and the Smartest Way Possible? Start Saving in a Tangible Asset with an American Eagle BU Numismatic Coin Program Today? History should be a guide post, and not a hitching post. Consider what experience costs, it should be the best teacher.

Have you ever heard of a Self-Funding-Inflation-Proof-Savings Plan with NO Out-Pocket Expense? That's why the Rich Get Richer because They Know the Hidden Secrets!

FINI © 2007 Tom La Falce


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