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Building and Maintaining Positive Culture in a Company

Hannah Whittenly

April 03, 2014

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Too many offices are too dull to foster good business growth. Many professionals know that their surroundings influence their success. Promote a positive office culture if you want to encourage teamwork among the employees and improve the work outputs. Follow a few tips that teach you how to build a productive work environment.

Have Frequent Company Get-Togethers

Too often, employees move around an office without knowing each other’s names. They do not socialize and feel uncomfortable when placed in the same room. Promote friendliness and group cooperation if you want to promote a more efficient business. Have employees sit together for weekly or monthly meetings. Assign a new leader to each meeting so that everyone gets to express opinions. The fact is that some of the best business work is made through collective efforts.

Develop Teamwork Activities

No business is possible without teamwork. Very few success stories are made by people who work solitary. It is easy to pick out the right teamwork activities for your employees. Divide your workers into specific teams based on skills, interests or occupations. Design the activities to have the workers depend on each other for assistance. Every office needs good team members who are less likely to fight and more likely to build a positive work environment.

Promote Stylish Office Spaces

Every office needs more style and less boredom. A lot of professionals are negative because their spaces are lifeless and colorless. They must understand the importance of creativity. Provide tips about good decorations and consider hosting an annual contest for the most stylish office. Sometimes, workers work better just when they have views of brighter, more vibrant colors.

Celebrate Holiday Seasons and Cultural Events

Do not just celebrate the holiday, celebrate the season. Invest in a variety of holidays and cultures. Things like the Chinese New Year or the Cambodian Water Festival are lesser known events that can be really fun. Make a list of holidays and events that your company might celebrate during the year and let your employees vote on which ones that the company will participate in. Don't over-do the celebrations, because that can be uncomfortable. However, be festive and engage your employees. For example: put up Christmas lights and do a white elephant gift exchange. Employees will look forward to arriving at the office when they get to view holiday decorations and attend parties.

It is easy to find yourself in a negative work environment. The office is a place for productivity more than it is for enjoyment. In no time, it feels a lot like a prison that is hard to escape from. In order to promote a successful company, promote a positive office culture. Make sure that your team members are comfortable in their surroundings and optimistic about their results.


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