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5 Amazing Products to Come Out Of Kickstarter

Hannah Whittenly

May 13, 2014

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There is now no doubt that Kickstarter has changed business investments and funding forever. This unique idea for direct investments from anyone in the world has allowed entrepreneurs to free themselves up and explore unique new ideas. Here is a peak at five of the most innovative and remarkable products to have been exposed to the world through this organization.

1. Soma
Water filters may not be a groundbreaking technology, but they are not exactly the most eco-friendly of devices. Many of them are take excessive resources to make and use chemicals to filter the water, but that is where Soma comes in. Soma provides elegant water filters that use only natural and biodegradable products to filter water, each of which can be attached to glass carafes that can be bought in almost any design.

2. The E-Paper Watch
E-watches have recently grown in popularity, and it is Pebble Technology’s E-Paper Watch that is one of the leading instigators. These amazing watches are visible in direct sunlight and wirelessly connect to a smartphone to provide updates, alerts, and even track one’s heart rate. The original goal of the Kickstarter was $100,000 but the total that was raised within just a few weeks broke $10 million.

3. Galileo Robotic Tripod
Developed by Motrr, the Galileo Robotic Tripod was originally developed as a tool to allow users to remotely control their smartphone during Facetime chats. Coming in at a number of different sizes, the tripod offers smartphone owners the ability to smoothly and safely move their smartphone, take time lapse shots, create a security camera, and even take perfect hands-free panoramas.

4. Form 1 3D Printer
The average commercial 3D printer may start at tens of thousands of dollars, but the best models quickly move past $100,000. Formlabs sought to remedy this by providing customers with a desktop model that could be used in almost any industry possible ranging from engineering prototypes to conceptual art. This device is affordable, easy to use, and the final product rivals much more expensive models.

5. JuiceTank Phone Cases
Losing smartphone chargers is a plague for many, and this is why JuiceTank reached its goal of$120,000 within a few days’ time. The JuiceTank smartphone case not only has a collapsible plug that charges with all generic sockets, it can also be used as an additional battery for those longer days.

It was not many years ago that crowdfunding seemed as if it would always lag behind mainstream investing, but companies such as Kickstarter have helped pushed amazing products like these to the forefront of society, popularity, and financial success.

You can learn from these success stories and implement your own invention and get it started on KickStarter. Be aware that you will need to guard your intellectual property if you plan on making it big. For more information about this area of law, see the website of Carter Law, an attorney that serves elite clients in the famous Silicon Valley.


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