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Nothing Small about These Small Businesses

Heather Legg

May 22, 2014

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Small businesses come and go; the business world has trends just like the fashion industry and sometimes what you think will be the next big thing turns into the next big flop.

If you are an investor looking to put some funds in a hot small business or maybe you're looking to open up your own, think about some of the following ideas for success. Not only are they pretty trendy right now, but they should have some longevity as well.

Remember, too, especially if you are the one who's going to be running the business (and sinking your own money into it), you want something that's not only going to make it, but also something that you'll enjoy doing every day.

Check out these ideas; not only should they fall into the category of businesses to thrive quickly in today's market, but also they are 3 business careers that are actually fun!

1. Food Niche Businesses.

We all know food trends come and go, and right now there are a lot of hot ones, especially with the big foodie craze. Some may argue that the cupcake craze is still hot, while others are in the mindset that cupcakes are on the way out. If you're looking to satisfy the sweet tooth of the public, think outside of cupcakes and know that other sweet treats are making their way into the small business world. Two hot ones are macaroons and gourmet doughnuts; this could be the start of something big ...

Frozen yogurt, on the other hand, isn't going anywhere. Franchises and new businesses are consistently popping up. People like the self-serve fro yo concept as they can get just what they want, toppings and all - plus it's a fun social event. Maybe a yogurt shop is in your future.

2. Fitness.

People are more health conscious than ever, and just like fro yo shops seem to be in every strip mall, so do fitness boutiques. The big names are still around, but more independent fitness businesses are opening up, and finding success. If fitness is your thing, turn it into a career and think about opening up a fitness studio. There are so many fitness niches, from spin to yoga to boot camps that you can customize and create a strong customer base.

3. Dog Sitting/Boarding/Daycare

Just as people are fitness and food crazy - people love their pets. More and more people are looking into doggie daycare and upscale boarding boutiques. Who wouldn't want to spend their days working with man's (and woman's) best friend? Again, you can look into an already established franchise, or think about building your own doggie boutique. You can cater just to dogs or open it up to other types of pets if you're game. Whether you provide boarding or training or in home pet sitting, there is a big menu of needs to choose from.

For those that dream of owning their own small business, or at least a part of one, you've got some good choices in the hot small business trends out there.

It's not too late to hop on the train of some of these successful trends.


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