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Turn Off Higher Electric Bills

Dave Thomas

September 24, 2014

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As a small business owner, hopefully you take the time to break down where your dollars are coming from and where they are going to.

For many individuals/partners running small businesses, money can easily escape on a monthly basis, leaving you in the red and frustrated. In order to avoid such scenarios, sitting down each month to see what your outgoing expenditures are for things like utilities, office supplies, transportation and more are critical.

So, how much do you think you spend on an average monthly basis for the items listed above and others?

Some small business owners might be surprised to see what their annual expenditures are compared to the national averages.


Put a Plan in Place

In order for small business owners (just as consumers at home do) to get a handle on their monthly utility bills, check off the following tips to make sure you’re practicing prudent usage of utilities in your office:

  • Shop around – Although some small business owners will be locked in to the services of only one utility in their area, others will have options. If you are in the latter group, take the time to shop around and compare costs, customer service and more. In some cases, you will discover that shopping around will save you some money over the long haul. Always keep in mind whether you operate out of Texas or another state that you have the Power to Choose in many cases when it comes to who your electric provider is;
  • Give your office a good overhaul – Saving money on your office utility bills can sometimes be as simple as checking all the items in the building that require electricity, then reviewing them to make sure they are properly working. For example, if you have an office refrigerator for you and your employees, check it out periodically to make sure it is running effectively. Fridges that are not running properly will have to work harder to operate, thereby costing you more money over time. Also don’t leave items on when the office may be empty (evenings, weekends etc.);
  • Remind your employees to do their part – Your employees are critical to the success of your small business in so many ways. One of them is making sure they practice good habits in and around the office. One such practice is making sure they do not waste money while at work. Simple things like turning a light off in a break room when no one is using it to not excessively running the air conditioner in the summertime when not necessary can add up to savings for your company over time. Do periodical reviews with your employees through emails or office newsletters to remind them about practicing money-saving tips.


In a day and age when many small business owners want and need to watch where their dollars are going, take care of your office electric bills to save more money.


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