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Monique Goodyer works as a marketing specialist at Monaco Compensation Lawyers, one of Australia’s compensation law firms. She’s interested in all things online and the latest trends in content marketing.

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5 Tactical Paid Search Tips Necessary for Every Law Firm

Monique Goodyer

October 29, 2014

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There is no doubt that these days, the Internet is our first point of reference at any point in need. Google seems to become our best friend when we need help, and this is no different when it comes to looking for assistance in any legal matter. Although digital marketing and the legal field seem to be light years away, here’s how you can successfully utilize technology to be there for your client at their time of need.

Optimized Paid Search

Thanks to Google, paid search campaigns are affordable and accessible to all firms to generate leads in the legal field. However the basic keyword targeting, bidding techniques and emotive copywriting can go so far – use these tactics to make sure you are there when someone needs you.

Mobile Optimized – Click to Call

With more than 30% of worldwide internet traffic on mobile devices, it is essential that your ad campaigns are optimized for these situations. Using the ad extension – Click to Call – you can optimize your ads so when searched on Google, a click will automatically call your business. This eliminates the hassle that comes with writing down the number and manually dialling. 

Google Display Network

The Google Display network allows for a gentle reminder to your clients who have visited your website to keep your firm top of mind. By utilizing ad space on the millions of websites offered by the Google Display Network, you can reassure and reaffirm the client of your services and your presence so that they can remember your difference when browsing. Furthermore these display ads can be targeted to your website's visitors who have higher value, e.g. form abandoners or those who have viewed your contact us page. This ensures a higher quality of potential leads and clients.

Optimized Landing Pages

It is no doubt that landing pages are critically important in paid search advertising. Ensure that your landing pages are optimized with minimal distractions, relevant information and obvious calls to action for the user. 

Gmail Ads

This is an advanced campaign tactic that scans the content in Gmail’s inboxes to trigger ads relevant to the user. For example, compensation lawyers can target content in Gmail’s inboxes that include insurance claims and workers compensation reports. You can utilize this type of campaign to generate relevant leads for your firm by subject matter of their inboxes.

Finally, it is important to note that the Internet is open 24/7 whereas your firm’s doors may be not. Therefore it is important, and cost effective, to ensure that you are utilizing the digital marketing opportunities available on the Internet to forward your firm when they need you most.


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