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Is Your Small Business at Risk?

Dave Thomas

November 26, 2014

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Overseeing a small business means myriad of things, the least of which is keeping your company away from risks.

When you are in charge of a small business, all the responsibilities that encompass such a position can overwhelm you at times no matter how many hours you devote to the cause.

One such issue that sometimes can be overlooked is your company’s security. Whether it is protecting your employees and office products from outside intruders or in-house thefts and crime, never for a moment assume your small business is immune from such problems.


Security Should Not Be Taken for Granted

In order to make sure your small business office and your workers are best protected, there are several precautions you should take into account.

They include:

  • Secure your office – Just as you likely have a home security system to protect your residence and property, having one for the office building is important too. Whether you opt for or any number of other such providers, an alarm system goes a long way in protecting your building. In order to find the right security provider, look for referrals and browse company websites to see what systems they offer, pricing, and customer service performance. You should also look into installing security cameras (like those you see in retail stores) at various spots in the office, including by any doors and any areas where cash may be kept;
  • Know your employees – While it is unlikely you would let a complete stranger into your home, the same goes for your business office. Make sure that you have a presence at the front door, be it a secretary or other means by which no one can just come and go without being identified. Any prospective employees you are thinking of hiring should be screened to see if they have any criminal past, especially burglary or shoplifting incidents. Once you hire someone, determine if they should or should not have a key or passcode to enter the office on their own when others may not be around. Lastly, make sure anyone coming to the office to do repairs, maintenance etc. is identifiable and should be there;
  • Prevention is the best medicine – It may sound like a no-brainier, but do you leave office doors unattended, allow employees to come and go with office laptops and office cell phones or not keep a running document in a safe place that lists all of your office machines and their serial numbers? While it doesn’t happen at an alarming rate, you would be surprised how many small business owners have found employees going off with a laptop, cell phone or other office-purchased item and not returned it either while employed or at the time of a dismissal.


Running a small business can be one of the most rewarding things you do in your life.

Just make sure you and your business are secure along the way.


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