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Is Your Small Business Connected to Saving Money?

Dave Thomas

March 16, 2015

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When you run a small business, saving money is likely highly on your list of important tasks.

While some small businesses find their financial books in the black regularly, others, meantime, drift in and out of the black, while still others have trouble climbing out of red territory.

If your small business is one of those companies looking to save money and still have a viable product that consumers want, here are a few areas to review, making sure you’re getting the most for your dollar:

  • Supplies – First and foremost, how much are you spending on supplies for your small business? From paper for the copier to mailing items to send out your necessary communications with clients and vendors, shop around for the best prices. In many cases, buying in bulk with one provider will allow you to save money over time. While price is important, make sure the customer service you receive from such vendors is top-notch too;

  • Communications – Without means to communicate, just how effective would your small business really be? Just as you would opt for a strong phone provider for your home like or another such company, the same holds true for your office needs. Without the right office phone system, your employees can’t manage the volume of client calls, let alone call others for needed information, products and/or services. Yes, while more stuff is being done on computers and mobile devices than ever before, a good phone system is still crucial to get business done, so make sure the one your office has answers the call for you;

  • Healthcare Insurance – Whether or not you have to offer healthcare insurance to your employees depends of course on the size of your operation (how many employees is the key). For those smaller businesses either needing to or wanting to offer healthcare insurance to employees, by all means shop around. Look to see which providers offer the best coverage at the best rates, especially given all the changes that have come into play the last year or two with Obamacare;

  • Employee expenses – Lastly, there will be times (especially depending on what industry your serve) when your employees and/or you will need to travel for work, be it to meet clients, make deliveries, attend networking events etc. When those situations arise, look to see where you can trim some expenses, i.e. carpooling or making a number of deliveries at one time instead of coming and going. Also look at what seem like little things but add up such as where you buy your gas, which hotels you might need to stay at when traveling out of town, where you and/or your employees eat when dining with clients or traveling for conferences etc. In the end, all the savings do add up.

While running a small business can be trying at times, the rewards outrun the risks if you know how to save some green.


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