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Give Your Brand More Exposure

Dave Thomas

March 18, 2015

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In order to successfully run a small business in today’s world, your brand needs to get maximum exposure whenever possible.

So, is your brand doing just that or is it the unknown little stepchild that could not?

There are many different means by which to give your brand exposure, but some small business owners aren’t exactly up to the challenge of doing just that. For whatever the reason may be, they fail to capitalize on opportunities, unfortunately leaving their brand out to dry if you will.


Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Promote

So that your small business and brand can get the maximum exposure possible, remember these tidbits:

  • Start with the basics – Assuming you have a website, just how much time and effort do you truly put into it? While some small businesses put maximum time and effort into their sites, others do some work here-and-there, but truly never go all out. If you find yourself in the second group, change that today, not tomorrow. Your website is the living and breathing epicenter of your small business. Whether you market FiOS TV, life insurance, real estate, home improvement products and services or hundreds of other brands, you need an eye-catching website that will get attention. The site not only needs relevant content and good imagery on it, but also fast downloading time and links that connect and do not break all the time;

  • Sound promotions – Make sure you do a good job of promoting your small business website for all eyes to see. There are myriad of ways to promote your site, but some of the basic ones include a good blog, social media, and regular cross-promotions with others.

                 - Blog – Your site’s blog needs to have relevant and regular copy on it. It is fine (as long as the sources are good) to entertain guest bloggers. This gives viewers to the site a wide-range of articles and opinions. The blog can and should include some relevant links tied to your small business. This is a good means of cross-promoting with others in your respective industry.

                - Social – With the blog in hand, make sure you promote blog posts etc. on various social platforms. Among the best are Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and even LinkedIn. Sharing others’ posts and relevant social messages is also a good way to get more eyes back to your brand, so don’t hesitate doing that with reliable and relevant sources. Lastly, make sure you answer as much customer feedback on social media as possible. This not only points you and your small business out to be relevant, but it will boost your customer service profile.

  • Review and tweak – Finally, never hesitate when it comes to reviewing your website and how your brand is being presented to the world. Most winning brands are those who are not afraid to push the envelope, never standing pat. While doing major website overhauls regularly can certainly work against your small business and brand, some fine-tuning here and there will generally not hurt.


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