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Are You Overusing the Text Option?

Heather Legg

August 31, 2015

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Text message marketing is becoming a more and more popular way for small businesses to reach out to customers and clients.

However, small business owners and anyone else texting on behalf of the company should be cognizant of how many texts they are sending. Too many or perhaps not enough?

A happy medium does exist, and the key is to send enough texts to keep your customers interested in you, but not too many to annoy them.

As the following article looks at, you need to ask yourself…. “Is Your Business Sending Too Many Texts: Here's How to Tell” in order to make sure you’re doing it correctly.

Among the signs to be on the lookout for:

• Are you seeing an increase in opt-outs in your text messaging service - This could be due to the fact that your clients and customers are annoyed with you and the excessive amounts of texts you're sending. They don't value them anymore;

• Are your offers and promotions not being redeemed as much as they were? - This can be a sign of too many texts, because maybe your texts are being deleted before anyone is reading them. So those great offers are going in the big pile of deletions instead of bringing customers in;

• What about complaints? - Are you getting feedback, whether direct through emails or calls, or texts, or through social media that you are sending too many texts? If so, you need to cut back.

Trust is a Key Factor

People opt-in to your texts with trust.

Trust that you won't abuse their information, share their information, or send too many texts.

Texts are one of the few places solicitors still haven't really reached, so people guard their numbers.

If you abuse this, you are apt to lose customers. That's the complete opposite of what you want through text messaging.

Here are a few good guidelines to go by:

• Text once or twice a week - This keeps customers aware of you and looking forward to your valuable information, but doesn't overwhelm anyone. It's also a good idea to text on the same day of the week, around the same time;

• Make your text messages short and clear, with a good eye catching start - People like to see what a text is about with a quick glance at first;

• Include an incentive, like a discount or promo - After all, if a customer is giving you his text info, you should give something in return.

Don’t Overlook a Great Marketing Tool

Text messaging is a great marketing tool.

It's easy, cost-efficient and reaches a large number of your audience.

But remember, your customers have offered up their information to you, their trusted mobile device information, so don't abuse it.

If you start to notice some red flags, like the ones mentioned above, take a look at your texting habits, and you may need to rethink your current strategies.

Remember, texting too much can be worse than no text messaging campaign at all.


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