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Company Location: Steps You Can Take to Succeed in a Bad Area

Brooke Chaplan

September 03, 2015

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Oftentimes small companies are forced to choose a less than desirable location for their business because of limited financial resources. However, even the priciest or most trafficked locations don’t guarantee success. Below introduces five steps your business can take in order to commercially succeed in a less than ideal area.

One of the best ways to improve a poor business location is through proper signage marketing. First, ensure your retail signage is large, clean, and professionally designed. Be sure to utilize front windows for advertisements of sales and product displays. A portable, neon sign with a flashing arrow is a good way to attract attention as well.

Portable advertising can be given to both employees and customers. For example, consider giving out brightly colored tote bags with your name and address. Hats or T-shirts are an excellent performance reward for employees and will also act as free marketing. If you have a company vehicle, consider having it professionally decorated with your brand name and address, and park it where passing pedestrians and vehicles can easily see it.

Old Fashioned Marketing

There are old fashioned marketing techniques that can also help boost businesses in a bad area. For example, set up a legal, movable sign nearby to direct foot and vehicle traffic. Have an employee stand outside and hand out flyers or display a sandwich board. Direct mail and print campaigns can also raise awareness of your business and location. If the situation calls for it, consider using door hangers, which are inexpensive and highly targeted. Finally, supporting local school sports teams will advertise your name and willingness to support the community.

Other nearby businesses will most likely be experiencing the same difficulties as you. Collaborate with them through cross-promotion in your front windows. Neighboring businesses can offer post-purchase discounts to customers at nearby businesses, or as an alternative, cooperating businesses can provide actual product or service demonstrations in each other’s stores. Be sure to join the local business organizations. Consider regularly hosting local events, such as a book club or charitable organization. If all else fails, consider working with a mentor through the Small Business Association’s SCORE program.

Online Business
While you may not be able to improve your neighborhood, you can always create and maintain a professional website that anyone around the world can access 24 hours a day. E-commerce allows any business to circumvent geographic restraints and local competition. A well-designed website will allow you to expand your customer base, raise brand awareness, and increase your marketing effectiveness. Doing business online is very cost effective, and will save you money while increasing your revenue.

While you may not be able to control the economic conditions of the neighborhood, you can control the immediate environment. Landscaping is an excellent way to improve your company’s image while attracting customers. A beautiful landscape with a unique design is not only attractive, but sends the message of eco-friendliness and a commitment to excellence. Employees will appreciate the pleasant surroundings, which may increase morale and productivity. In addition, it can also increase the market value of the property. According to BBB business reviews, services like Pro-Lawns have the expertise, experience, and the right equipment to help you create a unique and inviting landscape. Consider using professionals all year round, as snow removal during winter will increase customer convenience and decrease potential slips and falls as well.

Any company located in a bad area can improve their situation through better advertising and a variety of marketing techniques. Collaborating with other business can be mutually beneficial, and increasing your online presence and e-commerce activities will increase your sales. Use these ideas and your own creativity to give your company a leg up no matter the environment.


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