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Are Guest Blogs Part of Your Marketing Plan?

Dave Thomas

November 09, 2015

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As you sit back and look at what makes your small business tick, do you ever think about how you could improve your website’s content?

For many small business owners, their websites can mean the difference between making a sale and getting browsed over by consumers. If one’s website is lackluster and devoid of solid content, it can mean missed revenue opportunities, something many small business owners can’t afford.

With that in mind, what are you doing these days to make sure your website and marketing plan are in sync?

Strong Content Can Deliver More Business

When it comes to giving your small business all the promotions it needs, having a strong content marketing plan is definitely high on the priority list.

One way to get that is to know the answer to what is guest blogging.

With guest blogging, you can turn the content marketing needs (at least in some respect) over to others. Now this does not mean that you will never write anything for your site or that you have little or no control over your site’s content; it just means that you have entrusted someone or multiple people with providing strong content to your site.

When you have strong content on your site, you open the doors to potentially more business. When you are a small business, adding more sales is one of if not the top priorities on your plate.

So that the content on your small business website is attracting the right viewers, make sure it has at minimum these two traits:

  • Relevance – You don’t want content that is of little or no value to current and potential customers. It needs to grab the reader’s attention, meaning they will want to read it from top to bottom. If your small business sells auto insurance, you want copy that talks about the latest trends in the auto insurance industry. This can include pricing changes, updates to rules and regulations for both the drivers and the insurer, and much more;

  • Timeliness – Have you ever gone on some small business websites looking for information about their respective industry, yet left feeling unfulfilled and disappointed? Timely content is as important as its relevance. As a small business owner, your website’s Google ranking will be impacted (in a negative way over time) if your content is very sporadic. While Google looks at other factors such as duplication, trying to stuff too many keywords into copy and the quality of the writers and content being on your site’s blog, never take for granted the importance of regularly updating your site.

In a day and age when content marketing continues to grow in importance and size for many small business websites, make sure your guest blogging efforts are being handled by qualified writers, writers who have your best business interests at heart.


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