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Sending Money to Keep Your Business Moving Along

Andrew Rusnak

December 10, 2015

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Financial transactions are at the heart of business.

Without transactions, your business is unable to generate revenue and customers are unable to purchase goods and service.

In the past, financial transactions were typically completed using cash, credit cards, or debit cards.

Today, however, the rise of mobile technology has made it easier than ever to pay for the things you want on the go using mobile technology.

How Mobile Has Revolutionized the Ability to Pay

Virtually everyone has some form of smartphone or tablet these days.

Such devices started off as gimmicks, but in recent years, they have become serious tool that business owners and consumers alike use daily to do everything from browse the Internet to pay bills.

In fact, as pointed out by reading the article on sending money, this is easier than ever using mobile devices.

Through third-party providers and even banks, consumers can make purchases on their mobile devices, and business owners can send and receive money from virtually anywhere.

Connecting Your Account to a Card

Another benefit that comes from using mobile services to pay bills is that many providers offer the option of connecting your account to a credit or debit card. This way, you can draw from your mobile account while using a card at retailers or to pay invoices.

Essentially, this is another way to have quick access to cash or to pay out invoices using a nationally recognized form of payment.

You also get the added security that comes along with mobile payment service providers, so even if your card is lost or stolen, purchases can be frozen and/or disputed.

Optimizing Your Site for Mobile

If you choose to let customers pay using mobile technology, you have to ensure that your site or third-party pay provider's site is optimized for mobile.

Because so many people have access to mobile devices and use them to make purchases, a site that is not optimized for mobile can quickly make or break a sale.

If you develop your own mobile pay solutions in-house, test and re-test to make sure that your mobile pay site works flawlessly across various devices and operating systems.

If you're working with a third-party provider, check your sites and payment options on a regular basis.

Because the Internet and mobile technology are ever evolving entities, you will want to ensure that your sites work well continually and that your development partner is up to date on the latest in software and mobile optimization.


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