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Are All Signs Pointing to More Business in 2016?

Dave Thomas

January 25, 2016

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Whether you run a small company, a mid-size one or a large business, you no doubt want to know what the forecasts are for your respective industry.

In looking specifically at small business owners, some can look back and call 2015 a great year, others unfortunately struggled, leaving them with some doubt as 2016 arrived, especially for those who look to do business not only in the U.S., but also outside the States.

If you find you and your brand in the latter group, have you done all you can to market your business, giving you the best chance of reaching consumers? In some cases, the answer to that question is probably no.

Whether it was due to budgetary constraints, lack of manpower and/or effort, you’re probably wondering how you can improve upon those tasks this year.

Business of Promoting Your Brand

In order to maximize the odds of your brand getting seen and delivering you a higher revenue stream in 2016 and beyond, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Signed, sealed, delivered – If you don’t promote your business through various forms of signage, do you truly believe many people will know about you? Whether you go for options like ledsigns or other signage variations, make sure you spread the word. Your signage efforts should be bright and informative, meaning don’t have a sign that consumers have to squint to see or have trouble understanding. Include pertinent details such as your phone number and web address. Lastly, the signs should be placed in high traffic areas, giving you the best chance to be seen;

  • Market from A to Z – Your marketing efforts can’t and shouldn’t be focused on just one aspect of the marketing pyramid. Make sure you are doing myriad of marketing outreach efforts, ranging from traditional marketing (flyers, pamphlets, Emails) to higher tech related initiatives such as mobile marketing. If you haven’t been taking part in mobile marketing initiatives, is it because you don’t have the time and money or is it more about expertise on how to reach today’s consumers? As many reports have shown, mobile marketing is only going to get bigger and better this year and the years to come, so make it part of your marketing platform. Mobile marketing is great on a number of fronts, especially given how you can have instant contact with a current or potential customer. You might even opt for geo-location efforts, thereby knowing when consumers are out shopping. Providing them with information about specials, deals etc. when they are passing your store (or online business) or even in it can lead to instant sales;

  • Socializing offers many benefits – Finally, where does your brand stand when it comes to social media? By using social networking, your business can reach a multitude of people, many of whom may be potential customers. Stop and think for a moment about the idea of reaching countless people on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. One of the great aspects of using social media is that it is relatively free, most notably taking time and effort. You can even encourage satisfied customers to tweet, share, pin etc. on their social pages about their experiences with your brand. At the end of the day, word-of-mouth marketing can be a real boon for your business.

If 2016 is the year you go all-out in finding new business, make sure brand is properly promoted.


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