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Take Your Small Business to New Heights with Better SEO Practices

Dave Thomas

April 25, 2016

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When’s the last time you gave your company’s marketing efforts a thorough review?

Given all the tasks which come with running a small business, there is a strong likelihood it has been some time since you reviewed your marketing tactics.

One disadvantage smaller businesses have to their larger counterparts is they oftentimes do not have the resources (time, funds etc.) to stay on top of their marketing needs as much as they’d hope to.

Part of those marketing efforts to compete with the big guys should include search engine optimization (SEO), something that can take your company to new heights and better revenue.

Link up with More Customers

As part of your company’s SEO efforts, having stellar content marketing with which to work with is crucial.

Stop for a moment and think about how much more potential business you could land if people were learning more about your products and/or services via content marketing.

Whether you write the content yourself and promote it or turn to a service for link building, the goal is always to get more website traffic.

So, how do you go about doing that without coming across as desperate and heavy on the spam side?

Among the ways:

  1. Quality posts – First and foremost, any content you put out there (your website, guest posting etc.) needs to be of high quality. If you’re writing just to get links back to your site without checking the content quality, you lose on several fronts. First, you could see your site take a Google hit. Secondly, readers (and potential or current customers) may view you with less authority in your particular niche. If you don’t have the time or particular skill set to craft relevant and authoritative content, look to a guest posting service to help grow your website traffic over time;

  2. Be authoritative – Consumers typically buy goods and services from those businesses they trust. Use your content marketing to showcase why your brand can be trusted to deliver on products and services, affordable prices in a tight economy, and first-rate customer service. Your posts should help answer any questions consumers might have not only about your brand, but your industry in general;

  3. Keywords matter – The keywords you choose to link back to your site certainly matter. Think about your keyword selections before writing each post, looking how best to fit them into the copy to flow naturally. Take things a step further and shoot for longer-tailed keywords. If your business sells real estate services, use a keyword phrase like 5 ways to buy real estate without going broke as opposed to buying real estate;

  4. Spread the love – If you or a guest posting provider churns out articles for your brand, make sure you find quality blogs to publish them on. In return for blog owners publishing your content, do likewise with any of their relevant content for your readers. The networking not only is proper etiquette amongst blog owners, but it also increases traffic for both parties. Such posts should also get a heavy dose of social media interaction. Not only does it help bring traffic back to your small business site, but it also connects you to others in your industry who may be interested in your products and services. With that being said, make sure any links you are placing for others (those individuals/sites you swap guest posts with) on your blog are relevant to the copy and not just to plug a product or service, something search engines frown upon.


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