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Does Your Business Look Appealing?

Dave Thomas

April 28, 2016

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Do you like what you see when you look at your business? More importantly, do consumers take a liking to what your company has to offer?

No matter what size your business is, making it appealing to customers is something you really have no choice over.

If customers like what they see, they’re certainly more inclined to not only buy your products and/or services, but also recommend them to their friends and families.

On the other side of the coin, a business that is not overly appealing stands the chance of going out of business over time.

So, stop and ask yourself if your business truly does appeal to consumers.

Look of a Winner

In order for your small business to have the look of a winner, you need to make sure you’re putting it in its best light.

Ways of doing this should include:

  • Appearance – If you run a business that has customers making visits (stores, restaurants, hotels etc.), it is crucial that you always do your utmost to have the place looking nice. Even the slightest look of clutter, uncleanliness, disarray etc. can lead to customers forming a bad opinion of your brand. Whether you need new flooring, a fresh coat or two of paints, the need to find patio furniture for restaurants or do an entire renovation of your business, the money spent now could be a solid investment for down the road;

  • Employees – Your employees are the essential face of your brand, so make sure they are putting forth a positive vibe. Even if you work out of an office where customers never step foot in the building, your workers must have a positive attitude as to what they are doing for you and your brand. If they don’t, you stand the risk of sending the wrong message to customers. Part of that positive approach includes how your employees handle customers when they call in for assistance, email your company etc. Sure, everyone gets busy during a normal day of work, but it is important that customers never feel like they are getting pushed to the back of the line, especially when they need help with a problem. No matter how many times you have to pound home the message, make sure your staff gets how important customer service is to the survival of your business;

  • Technology – If you want to send customers running for the hills, come across as a business that is not up to speed with today’s technological needs. Sure, some companies have the ability to look like they’re still operating out of the 1970’s while doing business in 2016. For the majority of businesses, however, they need to be up to date on the latest in technology, notably mobile technology. As many reports have indicated, more consumers are not only using their mobile devices to browse and buy products and services; they’re demanding that brands offer this option to them. In order to look more appealing to such consumers, it is important that your company stays up to date with the mobile curve. Otherwise, you lose out on a variety of opportunities to make sales, sales that could mean the difference between a so-so year and a stellar years financially;

  • Socially – Are you truly using social media for all its worth? The sad truth is many businesses do not put the required time and effort into social networking, thereby losing out on potential sales. Yes, you can’t be on social media 24/7/365, but give it as much attention as possible. In doing so, you should see an uptick in business. Even if your business does not gain major dollars from being socially active, seeing what consumers (including some of your customers) are saying about your brand is well worth it. Finally, being socially active allows your business to offer specials and other deals for current and potential customers. Doing so puts your company out there with many others that have already seen the positive results social media has had on their brands.

The appearance you give consumers regarding your brand will go a long way in determining how successful you are.

As a business owner, are you proud of the appearance your company is putting forth?


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