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Do Your Employees Listen When You Speak?

Dave Thomas

June 22, 2016

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Your employees are the bread and butter of your small business operation.

That being the case, do they truly listen to you when you speak?

It isn’t just enough for them to hear you when you call a company meeting etc. They need to absorb what you are telling them, giving them and your business the best chances possible to succeed.

So, stop for a moment and give much thought as to whether or not your employees really do hear what you are saying or if it goes in one ear and out the other.


Messages Must Get Through

In order for your small business to grow and separate itself from the competition, it is imperative that you make sure your workers hear what you’re saying to them.

For starters, how much emphasis do you put on regular company meetings?

Do they get looked upon as being just something to take up an hour or two on the daily or weekly schedule? If so, what are you doing to change that type of culture?

While there are myriad of ways to change the attitude some or all of your employees may have towards company meetings and other such get-togethers, one of the means whereby you can alter a bad office culture is bringing in top-notch speakers from time to time.

Whether these speakers are household names or names of company leaders who have or are presently making their mark in the business world, it is imperative to let their messages be heard.

When you turn to Leading Authorities in the business world to communicate a message to your team, you open up the doors to so much potential growth within your company.

For example, you might have some of the brighter young minds in your respective industry working for you, but maybe all they need is a little push. If that’s the case, bringing in someone from the outside with a wealth of business experience could be the motivation that pushes your team to be even more successful.

In looking for the right speakers to address your staff on occasion, you want the following traits:

  • Motivation – First and foremost, do the speakers you bring in to chat with your team possess motivation? If so, then they could be just what you have been looking for. One can have all the knowledge and skills necessary to do a particular job, but are they truly motivated? If not, all those skills and knowledge could very well go to waste. Bringing speakers in with a fire in their belly is something you should always strive for;
  • Connections – Can the speakers you bring in to talk to your team truly connect with them? If not, he or she may be great with thoughts and strategies, but will any of them really get through to your staff? Along with motivation, always be sure to look for guest speakers who show a passion and a skill in connecting with others. Remember, even small businesses likely have a number of different personalities working within their offices, so the ability of a guest speaker to connect with your employees (or at least as many of them as possible) is imperative to the end result;
  • Follow-up – Lastly, having speakers who are willing to follow-up with your staff is icing on the cake. It is important that the connection doesn’t just end the minute the guest speaker leaves your office. Is he or she willing to leave an email address, phone number, social media connection etc. and follow-up with any of your interested employees? If so, they are an even greater asset to your small business than you could have ever imagined.


Getting your employees to listen to you when you speak is not always easy.

That said it is important that any messages resonate with them, especially if you take the time and effort to bring in outside talent to address them.

In doing so, you will open up the eyes of your employees, giving them some new experiences and perspectives in the business world.

When that happens, the possibilities for growth are endless.


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