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Give Your Workers Incentive to Succeed

Dave Thomas

July 20, 2016

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Whether your small business employs just a handful of workers or several dozen, how much incentive do you give your employees to come in and succeed on a daily basis?

While that may sound like a rather simple question to answer, many small business owners will find it harder to respond to than they may have originally thought.

Keep in mind that numerous small business owners contend daily with not only stiff competition, but also tight financial budgets. As a result, it can be somewhat easy to lose sight of the big picture at times.

That big picture should be always looking at how to get the most out of your employees, be they full-time or part-time workers.

Moving forward, will you make sure you give your workers incentive to succeed?


Ball is in Your Hands

As an employer, you have myriad of opportunities to get the most from your workers, but do you in fact always do just that?

If you feel like (or even know for that matter) you have failed to a degree in giving your employees the best opportunities to succeed, remember these tips as you move forward:

  • Right mix of education and experience – You’ve probably heard it said over and over again. The most educated people don’t always make the best employees. On the other side of the coin, the most experienced folks can do their jobs well, but without a well-rounded education, will they best represent your company in all facets of daily business dealings? Finding that right mix of education and experience is even more important in today’s business world. As technology and other important skills continue to push ahead, you need to make sure your employees are properly educated. The same holds true for those employees you trust in roles of management within your small business. One way to get the best types for these positions is by making sure they either have advanced educational skills when they come to you or offering them such skills during their employment with you. For example, one or more employees having an MBA degree can do wonders for your brand. He or she can use that education to properly position themselves as someone in the company to lead, especially if you are either not very hands-on or you are out of the office for a decent amount of time. When it comes to the experience level, the only way for workers to gain this important component in the workplace is to take the restrictions off and let them run. Sure, there could be some mistakes made here and there, but the only way to learn first-hand is by having such opportunities;

  • Room for growth – Employees come to you typically looking for a good job, one that pays decent wages, not to mention offers some form of healthcare benefits. After that, anything an employee gets is literally icing on the cake. Part of that icing can be moving up the corporate ladder. Yes, even smaller businesses typically have a corporate ladder for many workers to scale. If you offer that ladder, your business stands a much better chance of being around for the long haul. Why? Simply put, most employees don’t want to work in what can essentially be labeled as a dead-end job. When they know there are possibilities for growth, they tend to put in a more concerted effort. Part of that effort oftentimes is wanting to go back to school and become even more educated for the business world, so leave that door wide open for them.


Innovative and exciting small businesses tend to stand out, leaving their competition envious.

Do your best to make sure your company is just that, a leader in your respective industry.

In doing so, you will typically see a better brand of individuals come to you for interviews, individuals that could very well be with your brand for years and years to come.

The incentive to succeed should not be a hard thing to describe, so don’t make it difficult.

Simply put, give your workers the tools they need to make your business admired from near and afar.


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