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Don’t Turn Your Back on Credit Cards

Dave Thomas

August 11, 2016

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Your small business likely competes with many other companies, all of whom are likely doing their best to win over as many customers as possible.

That being the case, it is important for your brand to be front and center when it comes to giving consumers pretty much whatever they want.

Sure, you can’t sell your products or services at ridiculously low prices, but you do need to provide consumers with as much incentive as possible to want to work with you.

One of the ways to go about that is by making sure you do not turn your back on credit cards.

Yes, it takes some doing to set up a merchant account, but the benefit over time in doing just that proves well worth it for countless brands.

So, is the plastic option part of your keys to success?


Take Credit for Making the Right Decisions

Being a successful small business owner takes lots of work, though a little bit of luck along the way certainly does not hurt.

With that in mind, are you covering your bases when it comes to successfully running your ship?

Among the areas to focus in on:

  • Payment processing – First and foremost, are you properly accepting customer payments? In the “old” days, small businesses could get away with just accepting cash payments. In today’s business world, while some small businesses may stick to simply going the cash route, a large volume of others know that option alone won’t cut it. When you accept credit cards, you open up an entirely new world of transactions, a decision that you will likely come to appreciate sooner rather than later. Better yet, accept those cards both in your physical storefront and when you’re out on the road. For example, having that mobile payment option available when your small business is represented at trade shows, conferences etc. is a win-win for you and the customer. The customer gets to purchase from you at their convenience, while you see your sales revenue numbers go up. Do your utmost to make sure consumers can buy goods and services from you at just about any time or place they want;

  • Brand promotions – While many smaller businesses are faced with budget restrictions when it comes to marketing and advertising that does not mean such brands can’t choose wisely. If you are one of those businesses having to watch where your money goes, do some research before spending such funds. First, do your best to know what your demographics have to say. For example, what age group typically buys your goods and/or services? Do you sell more items in a physical storefront or online? What is the typical income range for most of your customers? Do many of your customers find out about your brand through word-of-mouth, in-person purchases, or via social media? Those are but a few of the dynamics you should have a handle on when promoting your brand successfully;

  • Customer service initiatives – Last but certainly not least, what are you doing to make your customers feel special (especially those longtime customers)? By offering specials, reward programs etc. you can easily build up a loyal base of customers over a relatively short period of time. In the process, many of those same individuals are likely to end up telling their family members and friends about your brand, leading to the potential for more dollar signs. With that being the case, do not think then that you can just rest on your laurels, expecting customers to buy from you no matter what you offer them. You will still need to show them that you are always going to be making an effort to win over more business from them.

Despite various changes in the small business world over the years (especially given how technology has transformed areas), some things remain relatively the same.

When it comes right down to it, most customers simply want a small business owner who understands their needs and how to meet them.

In today’s fast-paced world, accepting credit card payments is really not a choice; it is all but a necessity for those brands looking to survive.

Are you one of them?


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