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Does Your Small Business Give Customers What They Want?

Dave Thomas

September 15, 2016

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Your customers are the bread and butter of your existence, so are you making sure to keep them as happy as possible?

In today’s competitive small business world, companies must make sure they are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to giving customers the best service possible.

That said there are certain givens that business owners must be covering in order to not let even one customer go away unhappy.

One of those givens is allowing customers to make charges via credit cards.

Sure, sounds simple enough, but the truth of the matter is that some small business owners are still a day late and a dollar short when it comes to allowing credit card charges.

So, are you one of those businesses? If so, is it time to change that direction and get with the modern times?

Be at the Forefront of Customer Service

So that your small business can be at the forefront of customer service, keep these tips in mind:

  • Listening – First and foremost, make sure you are always listening to what your customers want from you. Whether this is done through one-on-one conversations in-person, emails, surveys, the key is to be tuned-in to what customers are saying. One of the biggest irritants for a customer is when they feel companies are not listening to their concerns. That said you want to be the business owner who not only listens, but acts on those concerns and/or questions that customers have;

  • Responding – As important as listening is, responding to customer inquiries and acting on them proves key too. For example, have you been allowing credit cards for small business purchases over the years? If not, you have been missing out on a great way to do business. Yes, there are still those small business owners who shy away from credit cards for one reason or another, but they are becoming fewer and fewer. Most know that credit cards are a pretty simple means of doing business, so it makes sense to accept plastic. Also, keep in mind that consumers on average tend to spend more when it is plastic versus cash. Make credit card purchases as simple as possible for your clientele, something that typically will lead to a better revenue stream when all is said and done;

  • Accessibility – How accessible are you to customers? Having contact information on your website etc. is only part of the process. You should also have a noticeable presence on social media, a medium that millions of consumers use on a daily basis. Make sure you are active on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. You should also have a website blog, something that can (and should) be easily promoted on social media too. Your blog can be a great informational resource for customers, giving them tips and more on how to properly use credit cards in today’s business world. While you certainly want customers’ spending money with you, you do not want them running up outrageous credit card bills, bills that they ultimately end up having trouble paying off. Also use your blog on providing customers with information on current trends in your respective industry. What products and services are hot right now? How can customers get the best deals on the items they most need in their lives? Why customers should consider mobile marketing, especially if it involves doing business with you. These are but a few of the topics a blog can touch on, presenting your brand as both informative and authoritative in today’s business climate.


Being a smart small business owner in 2016 and beyond means giving customers more of what they want than ever before.

Keep in mind that many of today’s customers have more choices than ever before, so you have to stand out from the business crowd.

One of the ways to do that is offering credit card purchases, something that can surely increase your overall financial fortunes.

If you’ve been reluctant to accept cards up to this point, give that idea serious though as you move ahead.

Remember, the goal is to always keep that revenue stream going upwards, not in the other direction.


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