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Does Your Business Stand Out in the Search?

Dave Thomas

September 19, 2016

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In order for your small business to be as successful as possible, you need to have a product or service that consumers can’t get enough of.

For instance, suppose your business is simply an informational website, a site that allows consumers to visit when they need information about purchasing or selling a home, needing to do a license plate search online, find out more details about what medicines to give your child etc. With such a site, you can get lots of web traffic; traffic can lead to sizable revenue if you have advertisers paying to be on your website.

So, does lots of website traffic sound like something you’d love to have in your small business?

Unless you are someone who is opposed to making money (there are so few people out there like that), you will be more than happy to have consumers come your way.

In order for that to happen, however, you need to make sure your website is giving them something that others can’t.

So, take some time to ask yourself, does my business stands out in the search?

Making Your Website a Winner

So that you can have a small business website that is second to none, remember these pointers:

  • Design – Even if you have fantastic content on your website, not many consumers will come and view it if your design is something short that looks like a kindergartner designed it. Make sure you invest the time and effort into have a design that is not only fresh but also looks professionally done. Even if this means hiring a pro to design and maintain the site, by all means do it. You simply can’t afford to have a lackluster website design, one that will lead many consumers to question whether doing business with you is worth it in the first place. Also make sure that your design has a pleasant look to it, one that is inviting, not uninviting;

  • Content – The all-important content aspect of your website can’t be overlooked either. Such content can (and should) include a blog that is regularly updated. Your blog should include any topics relative to the industry you are in, giving readers’ information that they would have a hard time finding elsewhere. When your blog is both informative and authoritative, it is a win-win for your brand;

  • Social media – Be sure to promote your website socially as often as possible. For example, you can have a presence on sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even You Tube if you want. But having a presence and promoting your brand are two entirely different things. If you are not promoting your brand (or doing it rather infrequently), you are missing out on golden opportunities to score new business. Make sure your social activities are regularly updated, along with cross-promotions from other businesses. When all is said and done, you stand a much better chance of standing out in the search when social media is part of your strategy;

  • Promotions – Finally, promoting your website at each and every chance you get (besides what you should already be doing on social media) is crucial. For instance, are you promoting your site when you attend networking events? If you go to a trade show, be sure to take a laptop with you, with the intent of showing your site to prospective consumers and maybe even investors etc. The more you can plug your site, the better your chances of increasing your company’s revenue stream.

When your small business stands out among the competition, you greatly increase the odds of being the go-to company for people’s needs.

Getting to that point and time, however, of course means having a modern website in today’s digital age. Without one, you are likely to be here and gone sooner rather than later.

Yes, some businesses do just fine without websites in 2016, but they are becoming fewer and farther between.

Take the time necessary to put together a website that will be a proven winner for your brand.

When you do that, you won’t have to search so hard for new business.


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