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Make Sure Your Website Hits a Home Run with Consumers

Dave Thomas

September 20, 2016

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Your company’s website is oftentimes looked upon as the meat and potatoes of your organization, so make sure it is hitting a home run with consumers.

On that note, it is nothing short of critical that your site is reviewed and updated as needed regularly in order to have an impact.

No matter what product or service you offer the public, your site has to be the go-to online location in your specific field for countless consumers.

With that being the case, are you hitting a home run or striking out with consumers?


Being the One the Public Wants

So that your website does not come up short, it is important to review it on a regular basis, looking for any cracks in the armor.

Among the areas of most concern:

  1. Design – Do you have a design that is both appealing and eye-catching to consumers? If the answer is maybe or even flat out no, that has to change sooner rather than later. Keep in mind that consumers in 2016 typically have myriad of choices when it comes to doing their shopping and ultimately purchasing. For instance, a company that is involved in the home renovation/restorations/additions business is generally not going to be the only game in town. As a result, they have to separate themselves from competitors, giving consumers a true reason to want to come and spend their dollars with them. Whether you are a Salt Lake City Web developer or one elsewhere locally or around the nation, you can’t assume for one moment that you are the only game in town. Always keep the foot on the gas in terms of designing your site so it grabs the attention of consumers. This includes not only quality imagery, but also pages that upload quickly, along with pages that do not tell visitors on a regular basis that they have come upon a broken link etc. Face it; most consumers will simply bail on your site if it doesn’t give them much or any incentive to return, so be that site that rocks their world;

  2. Content – As important as design is, content is right their alongside. For instance, a brand offering home improvement ideas and the like wants to regularly talk to consumers about the latest trends in home renovations, home additions etc. What are the typical costs for this or that project? What types of renovations and/or additions are currently most popular with homeowners? What home renovations can homeowners do and when is it time to call in the professionals? Those are but a few of the topics your site’s blog should be talking about. Be that resourceful and authoritative blog that consumers simply have to read time and time again. Strong content is also important to your brand because of search engine rankings. If you write content that is repetitive and/or full of what is essentially spam, your ranking will be minimal at best. As a result, many consumers will have trouble locating you online, especially due to the fact your site shows up around page 12 or so of a search. Be that brand that regularly ranks on the top one or two pages of Google searches, giving you as much brand promotion as possible;

  3. Service – Finally, do you make your website consumer-friendly? One of the most important ways to do that is simple, yet all too often overlooked by businesses. Have your business contact information front and center, not in some far-away place that consumers have to spend unwanted time searching for. Better yet, if you have sizable business, provide email/phone contacts for key people in each department. By doing this, you save consumers the trouble of having to reach out to a general email or phone contact; only then having to be directed to the department and/or person they truly want to speak with.

Hitting a home run with consumers via your website isn’t as hard as it may sound to some.

The alternative is literally striking out, leaving you and your brand wishing you had done more to make your website a focal point.


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