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Give Ecommerce a Shot to Boost Business Revenue

Dave Thomas

October 03, 2016

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How would you say your small business is doing with about three months left in the year?

For some, the answer would be fantastic or better than expected.

Others, meantime, may hesitate to answer, noting 2016 has not been the best of years for them.

No matter where you fall in this discussion, it is important to consider all the options on the table when it comes to selling your brand.

As the year nears its conclusion, be sure you take some time to see where you are strongest and where you need to refocus going into 2017.

Review Direction of Your Brand

Before you get too distracted by the upcoming holidays, take some time to sit down and review your business operation.

Among the areas you need to review:

  1. Revenue – First and foremost, how is your revenue doing at this time of the year compared to the same time a year ago? Looking for any major dips or rises in your overall revenue stream is important. By doing so, you can pick up on any possible trends that are occurring, trends that can swing your small business one way or the other;

  2. Online  – What you do online goes a long way to determine how successful your brand will be in the digital age. For instance, do you sell products and/or services over the Internet? If not, you could very well be missing out on a golden opportunity to increase your revenue stream, something that is even more important as a small business owner. As you look at the potential of Ecommerce transactions for your small business, keep in mind that having such a store does take a considerable amount of time and effort. If you’re not prepared at the present time to invest the time and effort needed for such a store, wait until you’re more prepared. Something that can very well damage your business reputation is opening an online store, only to have it flop with errors and other issues. It is better to take the needed time necessary to roll it out properly than rush it to the web. Once you are up and running with an Ecommerce store, there is a lot of potential for it to grow your brand. Make sure you do as much advertising and marketing of it as possible, giving it lots of exposure in front of consumer eyes and ears;

  3. Employees – If you have staff under you, assess how they are doing as the year winds down. In some cases, you might be very happy with how they have contributed to your company’s success. In other instances, you might see need for improvement, perhaps even cutting some staff as 2017 heads this way. While many companies do yearly reviews for employees, others are not as apt to do these. You are better off doing them on a regular basis, therefore giving both you and the employee a good idea where they stand and where the business stands and may be headed

  4. Goals – Your final important area to review (yes, there are others than the four mentioned here) would be your goals in moving forward. It can be easy, especially when you are running a smaller company with less manpower there to assist, to get so busy that you lose track of tomorrow just in order to get through today. It is important to see where your company may be headed, how you’re going to get there, and what resources will be needed to reach those goals. It may mean that more revenue will be needed in your respective budgets for advertising and marketing. You may also need to put more of an emphasis on customer service in the New Year. No matter where your time and effort may need to be directed, be sure to have a handle on how you can give the biggest boost to your small business moving forward.

As a small business owner, where do you see your business headed in the New Year?

If you’re thinking an Ecommerce store might help you out, get it ready to roll out, a roll out that could be the start of many good times ahead.


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