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Is Your Small Business Brand Needing Some Love?

Dave Thomas

November 18, 2016

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If your small business is feeling a little unloved these days, can you put the finger on why that is?

Unfortunately, too many small business owners do not take the time or effort to figure out why things are eschew. As a result, they could eventually be steering at having to go out of business if things do not turn around.

That said what are you doing to make sure your small business never gets to the point where a possibility of closing hangs over you?

Turning to Professionals for Assistance

In the event your brand is leaking a little oil in its efforts to run smoothly, think about the following:

  1. Mission – For starters, do you have the right mission in mind? In some instances, your mission may be flawed or even non-existent. As a result, you could be guiding your small business down the wrong path. Make sure you have a mission that is not only well-defined, but is also prioritized to your company’s requirements to be successful;

  2. Assistance – If you run a business on your own, you undoubtedly understand how many hats you need to wear. That said even smaller companies with staff can sometimes be deficient in their true needs to be successful. If you find yourself in such a position, don’t be afraid to seek help. For instance, brand marketing can be one of the toughest challenges going, yet it is something that is crucial to a company’s ability to succeed. If you’re not seizing upon the opportunities to grow your brand, why not ask pros to help you? One of the biggest needs, especially when you are a smaller business without a ton of name recognition, is search engine optimization (see more below). With SEO, you can use keywords, blog content, social media and more to promote your brand. Turning to Denver ppc for a better brand or similar services in your area is a good move. In doing so, you can get your business website and overall brand needs moving forward, needs that are critical to being a winning business.


Your Team and Promotions

  1. Employees – How much emphasis do you place on having your employees self-promote the company? From social media to passing along business cards when out in public, those are just two of many ways your brand can get more positive attention. Yes, you expect your employees to do their work when on company time, but what about off of it? No, you should never force or push employees to do stuff for your brand during non-working hours. That said encouraging them to engage in some social media promotions and/or website marketing etc. is fine (assuming they are good with that). You might even give them some incentives to do just that. For instance, the employee or employees with the most hits on work-related promotions for their Facebook and/or Twitter pages get a bonus, a day off etc. Anything to encourage workers to be pro-active outside the office is fine, though always keep it within reason;

  2. Referrals – Finally, getting current and even potential customers to promote your brand for you is perfectly fine. For example, give incentive to some of your long-time customers in their efforts to recruit new ones for you. If a customer brings in a family member or friend, one that ultimately converts to a regular customer, both get discounts on future purchases. You should also make sure you have an active social media presence on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. In doing so, you can also see current customers telling those they know about what your brand offers. Before long, you start adding up customers.

Your small business brand will only be as successful as you make it.

Make the effort (if not already) to give your brand all the love and attention it needs to be successful.

In turn, it will reward you and your employees.


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