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Efficiency Expert: The Must-Haves to Promote Business Productivity

Hannah Whittenly

November 21, 2016

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It’s one thing to have employees with a wealth of talent and potential. It’s another thing to have them actually use it to benefit your company. Sadly, a business’s greatest resource often goes to waste due to a lack of productivity. Below are five things you can use to make sure your employees remain productive and motivated.

Give Feedback

Employees need to be made to feel their contribution matters to the company. If an employee never hears anything positive or negative from management about his or her performance, that employee may see little reason to put in the extra effort. Instead, you need to provide feedback to all employees on a regular basis to let them know their contributions matter to the organization.

Make Goals

To stay motivated, people generally need goals to strive towards. This should also be the case in the workplace. Whether it is meeting sales quotas, completing team projects or obtaining positive customer feedback, employees need something to aim for. If they don’t know what to aim for, then how can they succeed? If they can’t succeed, then your company can’t either. To help with this, make it a habit to make both annual and quarterly goals for both the company and the employees.

Use Efficient Tools

Employees can’t be productive without the right tools. In an office workplace, the tools they need are productivity software applications. Things like word processors, spreadsheet applications, slide show makers, database management applications and more are absolutely integral to getting work done in an office. Make sure all the software programs that employees need to do their jobs are available to them on company computers. To help with this, it would be a good idea to make sure that you are using the fastest and most reliable internet available to you and have regular updates done on all of your computers and software programs.

Keep the Cold Away

If employees are miserable in your building, then you can’t expect them to get any work done. This means having a working air conditioner in the summer and working heat source during the fall and winter. In fact, not providing your employees with the warmth provided by a working boiler can be a serious safety concern. Employees will be more likely to get sick and disease could quickly spread throughout the office especially during flu season. Not only that, but people are more productive when they are warm than if they were cold. If your company’s building is ten-years-old or older, then make sure to have your boiler inspected annually. If it’s just not functioning properly, then it would be best to invest in a boiler from a place like Nationwide Boiler or another company that can make sure that it is up to standard so that you don’t have to worry about it affecting productivity.

Create Less Open Space

According to Forbes, completely open office work stations actually hurt productivity, not improve it. It’s easy to understand why. If you have someone always looking over your shoulder, then it’s hard to get work done. Instead, provide employees with some degree of privacy and autonomy when completing work. If you’re worried about how boring cubicles may seem, then you may want to incorporate some fun decorating contests and let employees make their cubicles their own.

Employees are the greatest resource a company has. However, you need to manage this resource to insure you are getting the most out of it. Take steps to encourage productivity in your workforce. Your bottom line will benefit as a result.


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