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Is 2017 the Year Your Small Business Gets Mobile Marketing?

Dave Thomas

December 20, 2016

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If you are thinking 2017 is the year your small business reaches new heights in terms of customers and ultimately revenue, what will be the factor or factors getting you there?

For some business owners, it will come down to improved customer service. Others, meantime, will work on making for better products and/or services. Still others will rely on a better overall economy.

Although all of the above-mentioned factors certainly prove worthwhile, but what about the role mobile marketing can (and oftentimes does) plays in helping any small business?

If mobile marketing has been somewhat of a foreign concept for you up to this point, change that as you head into the New Year.

By doing so, you will take your small business to new heights.

How Mobility Improves Your Business

In the event you’ve been wondering how mobile marketing can help increase your customer numbers and ultimately your revenue in 2017, look at these keys:

  • Trending – As 2017 mobile marketing trends point out, there is much to like about mobile marketing, so why wouldn’t your small business want to be involved? While nothing comes without some time and effort, mobile marketing can be just the ticket to better days ahead for your small business. For instance, when was the last time you looked to see what the competition is doing? True, you do not want to obsess over what your closest competitors do on a daily basis, but having some insight to their actions is certainly of interest. For example, are some of your competitors using mobile marketing to lure in new customers? They may very well be doing this when they have special deals to offer etc. If so, your lack of mobile marketing initiatives could be sending dollars the way of the competition, leaving you out in the cold;

  • Consumers – Take a few moments to research how consumers have gone nuts over technology even in just the last decade. In doing so, many of them have shouted loudly and clearly that they are fine with technology playing a significant role in their lives. As a small business owner, this is where you need to jump in and seize the opportunities awaiting you. For instance, do you have a mobile app? If not, you are once again allowing competitors with such technology to get a leg-up on you. With a mobile app in place, you are able to stay connected to consumers literally 24/7. Have a sale or other news you want to share with consumers at a moment’s notice? Being mobile gives you the ability to do just that.

Engage Consumers on a Regular Basis

  • Engagement – Would you say your 2016 engagement with consumer efforts was a winner or a loser? If it was the latter, you can’t just sit back and do nothing to improve upon your efforts. That said you do have the option of using mobile marketing to secure more business. As an example, having a mobile app allows you to be accessible to consumers at all times. If you are a business such as a restaurant that accepts reservations, your mobile app can take text messages when customers want to book and/or cancel reservations. This ability to keep your business humming can’t do anything but help you over time;

  • Messaging – Finally, with the right mobile marketing game plan in place, your small business is able to spread the word to consumers about upcoming events, special deals and much more. For example, say you have a big upcoming date for your business, one that you want as many people as possible to know about. With a mobile game plan (including an app), you can spread the word like wildfire. Before you know it, they are telling family and friends about the date, giving you a much bigger audience.

If mobile marketing has not been on your agenda up to this point, change that business mentality as you move forward in the New Year.


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