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4 Ways Businesses Can Better Support their Web Developers

Hannah Whittenly

March 13, 2017

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If you are a business owner who relies on a solid website for branding and to coordinate your business operations, supporting your web developers should be one of your priorities. Your first consideration should be to sit down with your developers and formulate a plan to create websites that truly speak to your target market. Before getting to the site wireframe stage, you should also think about the support items that your developer will need to make a great site. Here are four aspects for you to think about:

Proper Hosting and Network Support

Your choice of hosting will be important for the development team. One of the best options in this regard would be to choose a provider of managed IT services that also includes extras such as remote system administration, network support and security. Whether you live in small towns or big cities like Ottawa, IT support is always available to you. Your web developers are bound to feel more comfortable with a managed services provider in terms of bandwidth and server conditions. With this option, you will also be able to easily scale your website should your business operations require it in the future as your company grows and expands.


Your web developer will feel better if he or she is able to work with a tech-savvy member of your company who can collaborate. Although many web developers have plenty of business experience, not all of them will be familiar with your specific industry or your target audience. The collaborator you assign to work with the website development team should be able to answer questions about the company and provide opinions from existing customers as to what an ideal site should look like. Another important aspect of collaboration will be related to engagement, which includes the layout, navigations and potential interactions. You should not try to micromanage the development process when the idea is to provide valuable input.

Avoiding the DIY Route

You should not retain a web developer to get things started just so you can finish the job. Alternatively, if you started to design a website on your own, you should be ready to accept a recommendation to start over from scratch. Many business owners who choose a do-it-yourself approach end up being too ambitious by attempting to target everyone instead of focusing on specific audiences.

Handle SEO from the Beginning

There is a good chance that website developer will also provide search engine optimization. If this is not the case, you should retain a professional who can handle SEO from the start. This will cut down on having to make drastic changes to the site for the purpose of catering to search engines.

In the end, your relationship with web development teams should be collaborative instead of managerial. The idea is to provide support instead of creating unnecessary obstacles.


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