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Spring Cleaning for Your Small Business

Sarah Landrum

March 21, 2017

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Spring is a time to start new. When the sun stays out longer and the days get warmer, it’s exciting to consider all the things the rest of the year has in store. In many ways, the spring season is refreshing and rejuvenating — especially for small businesses.

But if you’re trying to bring the clutter of last year with you, you could be holding you and your small business back. Giving your office, store or restaurant a good spring cleaning can be just the environmental change your team needs to feel energized and ready to tackle the months to come.

Spring cleaning is a tradition for many people, so make it a tradition for your small business. If you’re ready to give your space the deep cleaning it needs, here is a small business spring cleaning checklist for you to keep handy.

Get Rid of Junk

It’s easy to accumulate a lot of junk over the year. From papers you could have thrown out months ago to items that never really found their place, get rid of anything you no longer need or you don’t use.

Simply de-cluttering your space can make you feel pounds lighter. You’ll have more room to work, less chance of something important getting misplaced and less worry you’ll turn into a hoarder at your business. Be sure you make the proper scans of any important documents before you send them through the shredder.

Steam Clean Your Carpets

You never really notice how dirty your carpets or upholstery can get until you give them a good cleaning. With the number of people who walk through your office each day, there is a good chance a decent amount of dirt has accumulated within your carpet that you’re not even aware of.

In the spring, get all the carpets, rugs and upholstery in your office a good deep cleaning. Not only will this give your office space an instant pick me up, it will also increase the life of your carpet, meaning you will need to replace it less often. It will also mean less dust sitting in the fabrics of your office.

Clean and Inspect the Air Ducts

If you’re preparing to turn your air conditioning on, be sure to give your air ducts and HVAC unit a proper clean and inspection. Not only will this ensure you’re not blowing mold or dust around your office space, it can prevent potential fire safety hazards.

You never really know what kind of dust and debris has collected in your air ducts over the last year. Be sure to give them a thorough cleaning before you turn your unit on. If you have filters for vents, swap them out in the spring as well.

Pressure Wash Your Exterior

Snowstorms, dirt trucks that kick debris into the air and drab winter months can make the outside of your office or store look dull and dirty. Because you want to display the best image possible, give the outside of your building a good pressure wash in the early spring. While you’re at it, pressure wash the sidewalk and parking lot, too. If you can, look for a company with sustainable pressure washing that uses equipment to suck up the dirt rather than spreading it for a cleaner, faster and eco-friendly method of washing. It’ll keep your building and any nearby cars safe, which is an added bonus for your business.

Not only will this get your employees in the spirit to take on each day with a fresh start, but you’ll show your customers and clients that you’re starting the spring season on a new foot. If you’re in need of a new coat of paint on your building or door, throw that in as well.

Repave the Sidewalk and Parking Lot

While this may not be something you need to do each and every spring, it is something you should keep on your list and check every few years. If the sidewalk becomes uneven or your parking lot becomes full of potholes, you’re giving the impression you don’t care about your appearances. Not only that, but you could have an injury on your hands.

Keep an eye out for any damages to your sidewalk or to your parking lot. If it seems like it could use some sprucing up, take advantage of the opportunity and repave. Do the work on your employee’s day off so they don’t need to worry about where to park while the work is being done.

Redecorate and Redesign

An office space can feel stale quickly. If you’ve already done your spring cleaning list but you’re still not feeling energized, consider redecorating or redesigning the inside of your space. Configuring the desks in a new way, getting new accent decorations or even splurging and getting new furniture can get staff and customers excited for spring.

You don’t need a huge budget to redecorate or redesign. Surprise your employees with something new or allow them to become part of the decision-making process. Allowing them to feel like the changes are just for them will make them feel even more excited about the new design.

Spring is the perfect time to shake off the dust and start fresh, especially in your small business space. Keep this checklist handy for when you’re finally ready for some spring cleaning.


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