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5 Major Blogging Blunders You Must Avoid

Charlie Brown

April 07, 2017

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If you are an online marketer, you appreciate the tough nature of your job. Every new day comes with new marketing strategies which soon fade out of fashion. This means you have to consistently stay abreast of the industry trends. While you might be an old hand in blogging, there are some things you might be doing wrong.

Your blog might be the most impressive in your niche but if you are still not converting, it is highly likely you are making some common mistakes. Some of these blunders might not look like a big issue, especially now that everyone is making them. 

However, if you want to boost traffic and increase conversion using your blog, it is time to identify these mistakes and avoid them.  Below are some of these blogging mistakes to avoid:

1.  Complicated Content

It is advisable to borrow from Leonardo Da Vinci’s wisdom when writing content for your blog. While complex writing might be appealing in other spheres, it has to be avoided in blogging. The idea here is to communicate and pass a message across and not to impress. In fact, the language used should be conversational without use of jargon.  Try to break down your ideas and make them easy to digest.

2.  Focusing on Yourself

One mistake most bloggers make is focusing on themselves and not on the message. It is true your readers know about your brand and everything about your achievements. However, this is not what they are coming to your blog for. Instead, they want helpful content that can improve their lives. It is true your company has been making vitamin supplements for 3 decades, but maybe what the reader is looking for is just a few tips on how to buy such a product safely.

3.  Broad Topics

If there is one mistake bloggers make at the beginning, it has to be tackling broad subjects. It is better to focus on one niche as opposed to tackling broader issues which you cannot deal with more comprehensively. Specific topics attract a more targeted audience and people who are most likely interested in your brand. The narrower the focus, the higher the quality of your blog as you are able to deal better with each topic.

4. Writing Purely For SEO

It is a common trend, especially among first-time bloggers, to focus on search engine optimization (SEO). While it might work for your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), this is one way to turn away your potential customers. Your readers don’t care much about keywords because they are looking for quality content that will help solve their problems.  Never allow search engines to control your creativity because this will ultimately make you lose your readers.

5.  Plagiarism

Creating content for a blog is not easy and it is no wonder there are so many online options promising to help do this. In most cases, you will end up with plagiarized content which leads to penalties. Worse still, plagiarized content loses you valuable customers who feel cheated.

There are many other mistakes to avoid including not proofreading, lack of consistency, too much focus on word content, stale conclusions, auto-loading music, and a lot of side-bar clutter among others. To get the most out of blogging, make sure you avoid these mistakes.


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