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5 Technological Solutions Your Business Should Have

Lizzie Weakley

April 19, 2017

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Smart businesspeople are always incorporating new technology-based automation solutions into their businesses daily, and if you don't follow the curve, you may find yourself playing the dangerous game of trying to catch-up all the time. Although your business is technology-enabled, you could be missing out on very vital technological solutions that can supercharge your business and give you an edge in the competition. Ensuring that your customer service and payment systems are automated is one good way to start. However, there are brilliant technological solutions that your business should embrace.

1. Remote workers

There are lots of employees who are working as full-time freelancers, or basically working online from their homes. Employers who want to reduce their overhead needs can utilize these remote employees and solve problems like lack of qualified applicants for the available job opportunities at their various workstations. Furthermore, with remote workers, you don't have to pay certain allowances and insurance because most of them will be working from the comfort of their homes.

2. Financing your business using the internet

After the JOBS Act was passed in the US in 2012, business people have integrated it with the crowdfunding options in order to sell small amounts of equity on online platforms. In fact, the JOBS Act now has allowed many small investors to do business without many restrictions as before due to flexibility in security laws. For instance, the Mosaic Inc. has enabled the public to start investing in various clean energy projects. There are several companies that have received funding through the internet-based financing options, and your business can easily join the pool.

3 Embrace the social media wave

Major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great tools for businesses to link with their various virtual markets. You should, however, decide on what kind of social media marketing or customer service strategy to adopt in order to increase your business's brand and online visibility. Reliable online presence will increase victor traffic to your business website, which will then translate into increased search engine rankings and consequent maximum profits.

It also means that you should build a credible website that is worth getting high search engine rankings. The approach is to identify the online platforms or social media groups where your potential prospects spend time. Interact with them by giving them compelling content that they can't get elsewhere by addressing their interests. Print or physical advertising is slowly losing ground to digital marketing and advertising strategies. Make certain that your business is not left behind when your competitors embrace this era of sales activity.

4. Streamlining technologies

Financial systems such as QuickBooks and Oracle have been adopted by most businesspeople across the globe. Other businesses have opted to streamline other sectors such as customer service by creating call centers, inventory management, designing user-friendly business sites, and better looking online catalogs. Some of the other adaptable large business-based technologies that small business owners should consider adopting include:


  • Online Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Tablet based technologies for employees and clients
  • Subscription software systems for encouraging up-front investment
  • Real-time on demand video for promoting products

5. Using Cloud

You can deliver hardware and software through a network. Private companies have successfully been able to run their businesses efficiently using the cloud. Azure management cloud supports the services that most IT experts and website developers utilize in offering top-quality technologies. Cloud has a way of reducing any business's investment capital through its cheap storage options and shrink-wrapped solutions.

All your business requires is to set up the necessary infrastructure that will accommodate these new technologies at a minimal cost. Always adopt a technology that will help your business upgrade its operations for increased output.


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