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The Trick to Hiring the Right Talent for Your Business Success

James Helliwell

June 01, 2017

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One of the biggest challenges of an entrepreneur is identifying the right hire into available positions in the business, particularly the key ones. And that is because the employees of a company can be the single most important factor in the growth and success of the business in the future. C:\Users\Megafield Solicitors\Desktop\Creative\DP Completed\12972802683_008ac379ee_z.jpg

It is just as well as your hire could also be all the difference between the success of the business or its failure. Hiring staff without doing the necessary homework on the right process can have drawn-out consequences, even long after that employee has left the company.

According to HR research, 69% of CEOs said their business fortunes were adversely affected when they hired the wrong employee, with 41% estimating the cost on their bottom line as being over$25,000. It was worse for 24% of the polled employers, who said bad hires cost them more than $50,000.

The fact is that the CEO may own the business and make all the company policy decisions, but it is individual workers that mostly deal with customers on a regular basis, and are essential components in the goods and services delivery wheel of the business.

Consequently, businesses that fall short in terms of quality and effective employees usually struggle with building a good brand, developing a unique identity in the marketplace, and an excellent customer experience.  


Hiring the right talents in a business is serious business and requires dedicating time and resources to the process. Every hired person brings something unique to the business and it is essential CEOs and HR managers seek out candidates with the best qualities.

So, what are ‘the best qualities’ in a right talent?  That, of course, is primarily determined by the specific requirements of the job.

But one common wrong assumption by hiring managers is that offering higher wages than the competition is the magic wand to hiring the best talents. But you could be wrong. The right talent is not often money-driven, but by the company’s mission.


Therefore, besides being qualified for the job, the candidate with ‘the best qualities’ is also goal-oriented and dedicated to the long term success of the company.


Here are some proven tricks used by experienced and perceptive CEOs and HR managers during the hiring process.  


1. The candidate’s potential for growth

This demands that you try to discover what the likely employee life cycle of the candidate is. To hire the right talent, don’t always judge the by the cover of the book (in this case, their CV). Sometimes their actual skill and experience may not match what is claimed on paper.

Instead, look out for other skills they may have, and if they’re great problem solvers.   Does the candidate know how to navigate through a problem and seek out for answers with little or no supervision?

It is not easy to spot these vital competencies, but one highly effective and proven technique to utilise is the behavioral event interview. It helps the interviewer discoverwhat the potential employee’s specific behaviors, thoughts, and actions would be in actual situations.

2. Interview the candidate on their ability to meet the needs specific to their roles in the company

This emphasizes the need to take time to prepare role-specific interview questions. In addition to the basic questions, work different other types that can help you determine if the candidate will be a square peg in square hole in relation to your company’s vision, mission and value system.

3. Let the potential hire ask questions too

This will further demonstrate to you their level of understanding of the company’s goals and culture, as well as their own position and expected responsibilities. 


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