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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Print Marketing

Elena Velikova

June 20, 2017

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Savvy business owners understand the value of their marketing and advertising dollar. Whether you own a small, home based business or a large and established brick and mortar location, getting the message out about your business is a vital part of keeping your doors open. While in recent years, the allure of online marketing has begun to slowly affect print publications, there is no truth to the rumor that print is dead. In fact, it's now experiencing a major rebirth which is a major reason why you should invest in print marketing now more than ever. 

A good rule of thumb for any business is targeting your advertising dollar to the sources your customers will notice. Whether it's a billboard on a popular road, or advertising in a news magazine or popular website, diversifying your marketing methods is a good way to 'hedge' your advertising budget. Here are three reasons why you should make sure to maintain and even increase your print marketing advertising budget. 

Higher Conversion Rates

Penn State University recently conducted a study to determine whether or not print advertising was still an effective marketing investment. They tested the memory of people that participated in the study who had reviewed online and print advertisements. Almost 80 percent of those that participated in the study acted directly when reviewing print advertisements compared to 45 percent of those that reviewed online or digital ads. 

There is some logic to support this research. Most digital ads are saturated, small and tend to get lost in the shuffle. Plus, consumers spend, on average, less time on a webpage than they do reading the print medium. More time on the page equals more exposure and higher natural conversion rates. The study at Penn State simply confirmed this fact, which is a major reason why businesses should still invest in print advertising. 

Exceptional Target Marketing

You don't need a marketing degree to understand the value of target marketing. Simply put, placing your adverts on platforms your consumers read or review is the best way to get your message out clearly. This is why print advertising is so attractive. There are still so many different niches covered in printed applications like newspapers, magazines and even direct mail, which offers a demographic for any consumer service or product. 

Many online or digital marketing agencies’ idea of target marketing is sending emails to consumers who at one point may have subscribed to a newsletter in that niche or won some kind of contest. The problem is that most of these adverts go right into the spam folder or never reach the intended audience. Print advertising, however, is read by those who still take time to read, so the investment is smarter. Something as simple as a nice pamphlet created with a free pamphlet template can get great results when placed in front of the right set of eyes.

Builds Trust

One of the most annoying things about online marketing ads is that they seem "forced" on the consumer. Pop-up ads, or click through squeeze pages are a great way to alienate your customers. Plus, online and digital ads are always in front of the consumers face to the point that they simply get annoyed. As a matter of fact, many people end up developing a blind spot for online ads and see them as a nuisance.

Print advertising is much less intrusive and is viewed much more favorably. The ads are clear, factual and yet a straightforward method of advertising that establishes trust among consumers. 


The facts don't lie – print is not dead. It's time more business owners saw the value in investing in print marketing as being a vital component of their complete advertising package. Print has many advantages over online marketing that should not be neglected and a good conjoined online and print advertising campaign is bound to garner results.


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