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Social Media Maintenance: How Best to Manage Your Business Profile Pages

Hannah Whittenly

July 03, 2017

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In order to reach a large number of people at one time, your business should have a social media page. It will allow you to post new products and services that are offered and maintain contact with your customers and those who are interested in learning more about your business. If you want your social media page to succeed, then you need to manage it in a way that exudes professionalism and function. Your page can drive the targeted audience to your business by posting comments and pictures that customers want to see. You can also create events on your page, such as special clearance sales. However, you need to manage your page often so that it's refreshing for customers to see.

Look At the Quality of the Page

A boring page that has few pictures and little information about the business won't get the attention that you need or want. Your Twitter account, such as one like Xyngular, should have updates at least twice a week to let customers know what's going on with the business. You need to post comments that are easy to read and in a language that will capture the attention of viewers instead of being prim and proper all the time. If customers know that they can connect with you on a social basis, then they will know that they can develop the personal relationship that will lead to lifelong purchases.

Examine the Overall Data

When you're trying to determine why you're not getting any hits on your page or any new followers, you need to look at the data that's available. When you publish a significant amount of tweets each week, the rate of engagement with customers would be set to increase as people are able to make contact with you and keep up with what's taking place with sales and new products and services. If needed, post similar content throughout the month. With as many people who are on social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you'll be able to reach different groups with each post that is made.

Offer Exposure

If you want people to see what you offer, you need to display pictures on your social media page. Videos are also a good way to give demonstrations about new products and services. Be kind with each comment that is made, letting customers know that they are appreciated. Make lists of the things that you want customers to know about the business. Keep the lists short and sweet instead of using complete sentences. Consistency matters in the realm of social media content. If you're not going to put forth the effort to offer the exposure that you want for your business, then there's really no point in trying to make the business succeed. However, if you're transparent and offer a few contests or sales for those who like your page or comment on a picture, then you're going to build your customer base over time.

Be Real

One of the things that many businesses seem to forget is that they are trying to reach real people on social media. As the business owner, you're a real person. Your page doesn't need to sound robotic. It doesn't need to look and sound like a flyer that's in a professional magazine. It needs to flow so that people can understand what you're saying. Look through your page to find people who might have a question or a complaint. Answer the tweets and posts that are a bit on the concerning side so that customers know that you care.

The social media page for your business will likely get to more people than a flyer in the mail. Maintain your page each day to stay on top of questions, messages and overall information that you need to share with others. If you treat your page like your brick and mortar business, then you're likely going to see a turnaround in the number of customers.


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