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Don’t Miss Out on Potential Sales

Dave Thomas

July 04, 2017

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In operating your small business, you have a lot of responsibility on your plate.  That said it is important that you do your best to manage the myriad of responsibilities coming your way.

One of the most critical tasks in-hand in is maximizing sales opportunities. Remember, without those sales coming in, you would not even be in business in the first place.  So, when you step back for a moment and review your operations, are you getting all the potential sales you can be?

Maximize Your Ability to Operate and Grow

For your business to maximize ability to operate and grow, remember the following:


1. Always looking for leads

You always need to be on the hunt for new leads.

Yes, your current batch of customers is important. That said finding new leads and more business must remain a top priority. Remember, without growing your small business over time, the danger is becoming stagnant. As competitors bring in new customers, you’re left watching their revenue increase.

In searching for new customers, make sure you do the following:

· Advertise and market – Never think of slashing your advertising and marketing budgets. Even if times get tough, you need to promote your brand.

· Providing incentives – By giving consumers incentives to buy, odds increase of new sales. Offering deals such as buy one/get one free are always a good starting point.

· Customer service – Show how good your customer service is (see more below). Although products are important, many consumers say yes or no to a business on how the service is.

2. Being there for customers

As part of being there for both old and new customers, it is important not to miss out on their inquiries. Whether they reach out to you in-person, over the phone, or even through emails, be quick to respond. In cases involving the phone, are you missing out on too many calls?


If so, you could be losing business faster than you might realize. Even with an answering machine, you may have some consumers not leaving messages. In that case, a free reverse phone search can be of great value. With such a search, you can track down where the calls are coming from. By doing your best to contact any and all people wanting to do business with you, your sales numbers can benefit.


3. Capitalizing on social media

For one reason or another, too many business owners fail to capitalize on all social media can offer them. As a result, missed business is going by the wayside.

So that you don’t miss out on the social experience, make sure you engage on many sites. Some of the best for would include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Along with interaction, use social media to post content and be part of conversations. The more informative and relevant you are the better for your brand and sales potential.


By doing your best to not miss out on sales, you give your business every opportunity to succeed.


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