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A New Era of Business: 5 Ways Technology Can Maximize Efficiency

Anica Oaks

August 09, 2017

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New technologies have made their home in the business world where they greatly maximize efficiency. While change can be gradual enough that many business owners and employees alike don't notice it, it's still pretty amazing to stop and think about how just ten years ago smartphones were in their infancy.

Businesses should always remain up-to-date on the latest technology to see what might simplify their operations and maximize employee productivity.

1. Organizational Improvement

Software programs can improve organization by leaps and bounds and thus make the daily running of your business more efficient. For example, if you run a business that is appointment-based, software that allows customers to request appointment times online can make keeping the day organized much easier.

The same is true for the heavy use of calendar apps that help keep employees on schedule. Having employees sync up their calendars improves efficiency further because everyone will be on the same page when it comes to scheduling.

2. Cloud Storage

Cloud storage maximizes efficiency in business by doing away with the need for file cabinets and making collaboration a lot easier. This saves your business physical storage space as well as having numerous other advantages. For example, if there is a fire in your building, all of your paper files could be destroyed. But keeping your files in cloud storage means that they will be backed up remotely and secured, preventing data loss.

Keeping files stored in the cloud also allows multiple employees to access them at the same time, preventing important files from remaining at one employee's desk while others are waiting for access.

Most cloud storage options, such as the popular Google Drive, allow for multiple users to edit a file, which leads to increased collaboration and efficiency when working on projects. If you don't want certain employees to be able to access or alter certain files, no problem. You can grant access only to designated users.

3. Cloud-Based Programs

Cloud-based programs overlap with cloud storage but are a distinctly different set of services. Rather than just storing your files in the cloud and backing up your data remotely, there is also the option of software that functions entirely in the cloud.

Like cloud storage, cloud-based programs come with numerous advantages. You can access data and key programs from anywhere and at any time, and buying subscriptions to cloud versions of software products your business already uses is usually much cheaper than having to buy licenses for each machine.

Major brands such as Microsoft, Adobe and Intuit QuickBooks all offer cloud-based subscriptions to their products now for the convenience of many business users, and you never have to worry about upgrading to a new version of the program.

4. Fast and Reliable Internet

Internet speeds keep getting faster and faster, just as hardware becomes more and more powerful over time. Waiting for pages to load and files to sync up might seem unimportant, but over time that adds up. Fast and, more importantly, stable Internet that can handle the needs of a business is a necessity today.

Internet that cuts out during the workday is a bad deal because lost interconnectivity can bring progress to a screeching halt very easily. So when choosing a Louisville, MS, Internet provider or one in your particular locale, definitely pick the one you can rely on in order to decrease downtime and maximize efficiency.

5. Remote Work

Most regular office employees can work remotely without a problem thanks to technology. Meetings can be conducted over Skype or other specialized video conference software. Most communication is done via e-mail, phone and text anyway.

Allowing employees to work remotely even some of the time has a lot of advantages for business owners as well. If no employees are at your office just a couple of days a week, you can save significant money annually on electricity costs. Employees also largely see the ability to work from home occasionally as a major perk, and as we all know happy employees equal more loyal and productive employees.

Technology has the serious potential to maximize efficiency at virtually any business, whether for office workers accessing and collaborating on the same files together, or the adoption of better GPS technologies that make the logistics of a shipping company easier.

Obtaining the tech that's right for your business is just as important as other business necessities, so it deserves the same amount of time, effort and thought. Embrace new technology in order to maximize the efficiency of your company and its workforce.


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