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5 Creative Ways Your Business Can Incorporate Recycling

Anica Oaks

September 11, 2017

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These days there are a myriad of products and services for consumers to pick from, so differentiating yourself from your competitors has never been as important as it is now. Finding creative ways to incorporate recycling into the regular happenings of your business is a clever way to advertise and make yourself stand out.

Even if your new plans do not get your company\'s name listed on Newsweek\'s Green Ranking Score List, bringing in a handful of interesting recycling practices can still give your bottom line a financial assist.

There are five creative ways your business can incorporate recycling into its practices immediately listed below, and you will be able to decrease the negative impact your business has on the environment and save money at the same time.

Switch to Post-Consumer Waste

Post-consumer waste is also more commonly known as PCW, and in the growing groups of businesses using post-consumer waste products, the PCW mark is what everyone is looking for. There is a great reason for it too. First thing to remember, if your business is making the claim of only using post-consumer waste, then you have to eliminate the use of paper entirely or whenever possible.

If you have no choice but to print, you have to begin doing it with eco-friendly paper exclusively. There will be a lot of businesses looking for a typical symbol indicating the paper is recycled on their boxes of paper. You have to go the extra mile and avoid this. The common recycling symbol is merely an unregulated designation, and does not stand for post-consumer waste paper.

Use only the PCW-marked paper. PCW paper is the only paper produced completely from the paper products that true diligent environmentalists put in our recycling bins daily.

Use Alternative Energy to Power Your Business and Office

Being able to purchase \"green power\" from the local utility provider is gaining popularity and accessibility throughout the country. Green power is another name for sources of renewable energy. Is using renewable energy recycling?

A lot of people see it as the same thing because it is harnessed from someplace originally and used over and over again. The same as a tree making a ton of pieces of paper, and the pieces of paper get recycled and used over and over again.

The financial result is the same too. You usually save money. Even if you do not, people will gladly become new patrons of the business willing to spend a little extra to save the planet and become self-sustaining. Out of the five creative suggestions, this one actually costs more, just slightly. It feeds clean energy back into the overall grid though, so it is a winner in business decision making.

Sell Your Own Recycled Products

Selling an item like this is normally called refurbished even though it is still a recycled product, but if it is possible to buy back your old, sold products, repair them like new and sell them again, then you stand to make good money while making it seem as if your customers are getting a discount for offering a buyback or a trade-in deal.

It is quite common with electronics on cheap websites, but there are some companies taking creative recycling to a fantastic new level. The most interesting example similar to this is a company called Crown Buyers where you can sell your dental gold that have already been used. They buy these things to refine them in order for them to be used again.

Recycle Outside the Box

After trying to use the recycled products of everything that can be recycled, you have to think about recycling even when you are buying in order to replace things not normally meant for sale. For example, you can buy used business equipment and office furniture from other people going out of business. It is a good example of a business cost that dipped in price.

Use Green Web Hosting Companies

This is probably one the more creative recycling methods. It would mean using a company for your website and tech needs that operates by using unique business methods in the areas of environmentalism and recycling.

You would use remarkable \"green\" web hosting companies use recycled products, purchase renewable energy vouchers and buy carbon offsets that mitigate or reduce the cost on the environment for running their infrastructure and servers. The majority of the green web hosts cost as much or less than companies that use all fossil fuels, no recycled products or renewable sources.

Check out this ranking service for the top green web hosts. It will help you get an idea for the types of services provided, the details of how their operations get backed and the prices for their services.

These are not just five creative ways to incorporate recycling: they are ways to advertise that you are taking large innovative steps to save the planet. These five creative methods of incorporating recycling are outstanding business and moral actions too.


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