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How Much Influence does a Trademark have in Marketing?

Eileen O'Shanassy

October 10, 2017

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Trademarks have implications for your company’s legal identity and the way you market brands, services, or products to consumers. Trademarks may include color, words, symbols, marks, signage, emblems, logos, badges, or stamps legally registered to represent products or a company. Logos evoke emotional feelings and act as valuable communication tools of the firm's reputation and services. Below are the six ways trademarks influence marketing and your brand.


Trademarks can Influence Clients' Decisions 

Many people base the purchasing decisions on the reputation brands have on the retail scene. If the general public associates a company logo with quality and trustworthiness, the logo will become an essential asset helping to grow your business. The same is true with logos or trademarks that are seen as risky or negative. It’s a part of how you’re perceived and how you use that in influencing decisions.


Trademarks Communicate to all Languages Groups

Part of intellectual property, trademarks aren’t necessarily words. You can have designs or symbols that people associate with you regardless of the languages they speak. For example, Nike, a company that manufactures sports goods uses the globally- recognized “Swoosh” trademark design that English, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Swahili greatly love and can identify.  


Customers Use Trademarks to Choose Services

In a crowded marketplace, consumers will use trademarks to differentiate your business from competitors. The distinct symbol becomes a successful commercial advertising instrument. A logo can capture buyer's attention and build a profitable business network. Logos make customers immediately know your products, which is the crucial factor to prevent your clients looking for alternatives.


Consumers never Confuse Logos 

Even when your business branches out to several service provision sectors, say clothing, cosmetic, or transportation, you can retain a similar trademark to make it easier for people to know the same reputable company is now offering different services.


Utilization of Trademarks on Social Media 

Color, design, or symbols allow you to mount an effective social media and internet marketing campaign. You can attract customers by simply using logos on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest to promote products and services.


Trademarks for SEO Optimization

You can use trademarks coupled with captions to attract higher traffic to websites and to achieve higher rankings, which will bring more clients to your physical business and improve brand recognition. 


Trademarks are valuable marketing assets that never expire. For example, the Mercedes trademark is still in use since 1900 just as the Pepsi-Cola logo still works since 1896. Intellectual property attorneys can help you register and patent your trademark. Trademark registration protects products from competitors and keeps all your marketing efforts legal.


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